GTA V Online Western Besra jet gameplay

After weeks of waiting, the GTA V 1.16 update is now live at last. With it, the GTA V San Andreas Flight School update is here and also 4 brand new air and land vehicles. We now have a quick heads-up on one of the new vehicles to show you – that being the GTA V Western Besra jet.

This jet is going to be available to buy from Pegasus as soon as you’ve installed the new 1.16 update on PS3 or Xbox 360. It’s going to be very expensive at $1,500,000 in GTA Online, but you’ll have a lot of fun with it once it’s yours to own.

We can already see that this jet is very quick to take off, meaning that it is very useful if you are in the middle of a police pursuit and want to take to the skies as soon as possible.


It’s also fairly manageable to control compared to other air vehicles and you can perform barrel rolls with ease. We can see that some of you are not happy with the pricing, but hopefully once Heists are released, a lot more of you will be able to afford this one.

Stay tuned to see other gameplay from the new GTA V vehicles in the latest GTA V 1.16 patch, but for now give us your immediate reaction to the Western Besra Jet if you have already bought one in GTA Online.

Are you loving this jet, or do you think it’s too expensive?



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