GTA V Mammoth Hydra location reality

By Alan Ng - Aug 19, 2014

We trust that most of you will be currently playing GTA Online after the long waited arrival of the GTA V 1.16 update. The Flight school DLC is here, but we are somewhat surprised that the GTA V Mommoth Hydra jet location is nowhere to be found.

If you keep up with the latest GTA V news, you’ll know that the Flight School information was leaked prior to release, along with pricing information for the four brand new air and land vehicles.

One of the vehicles that was leaked was the Hydra jet as it was contained in the source code along with the Besra Jet, Mili-Jet and Coquette2 which are now all official and available to buy.

For some reason though, the Hydra jet is missing and has since been replaced by the Swift Helicopter. The Hydra was thought to be available for $1,700,000 GTA $ and now players are wondering where it has gone and if it could now be saved for a separate release.

We have included a screenshot below showing evidence of the Hydra jet already in the GTA Online source code with a $1.7 million price tag at Pegasus. Did Rockstar have a last minute change of heart perhaps on this?

As far as we’re aware, there’s no hidden GTA V Mammoth Hydra jet unlock either, as we’ve seen some rumors from players who think that it’s still in the game.

Let us know if you were expecting to see the Hydra jet too and your thoughts on why it is missing from the Flight school update.

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  • razgriz01

    Well, I’d say they’re perfectioning the VTOL system; back in San Andreas, it had a sudden transition from helo handling to aircraft handling. Also, you couldn’t move the camera up or down which is a pain in the *ss when dogfighting, even worse with SA’s extremely small draw distance. Anyway, I don’t think R* would waste their time in something that won’t be released, so I’d say that it will be present in next DLC, along it’s own set of Flight School missions. I’ll eagerly await it the same way I did when we found out that it was removed even after being shown in 2 trailers.