GTA V 1.16 update finally live

By Alan Ng - Aug 19, 2014

The Grand Theft Auto V 1.16 update has finally gone live at 103MB and follows a longer than normal wait until its release today. Normally, we’d see one patch arrive each month with July going a little different thanks to Independence Day special content. At the time of writing though, you can now download the GTA V 1.16 update for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

We just checked a PS3 system and installed the new patch pretty quickly, thanks to being one of the first and even beating Rockstar’s own blog to the news once again. We can also confirm that the GTA V 1.16 is live on Xbox 360 too, both updates are 103MB in size as you can see in our included images.

Over the next hour we’ll get hands-on with the GTA Online update and find out all the details along with new items appearing in the multiplayer mode.

Rockstar has followed the 10/11AM UK and 2/3AM PST release pattern for a number of updates now. Today, offered much of the same and that’s why the Product Reviews team had been ready to report the news first.



As expected, the GTA V new update offers the San Andreas Flight School DLC which comes with four new land and air vehicles plus much more. We already gave you a heads-up on the costs of the new vehicles – with leaks suggesting that around $5.5 million will be needed to buy everything.

What do you like most about the new content appearing today? Have you noticed any problems, glitches, or cheats still working online after the update?

Check back soon, as we’ll bring all the details from the GTA V 1.16 release notes and online update. We’ll also feature some gameplay with new weapons, cars, and other changes after some hands-on time.

Can you confirm that the Hydra jet costs $1.7 million to buy?

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  • Troy Thornton

    I’ve been so excited for this update because of the hydra. R* strikes again! NO HYDRA. I’m not even mad. I don’t get mad at this game anymore. Just disappointed.

    • razgriz01

      Same here. I hurried to the hangar; nothing. Told myself “It may be at the heliport…” Went there, nothing. Went back to the hangar to try out the Besra (my face said “f*ck this sh*t), changed radio to Los Santos Rock, and “I Don’t Care Anymore” was playing. Sooo fitting.

  • duke

    Rockstar is the General motors of games, release it and finish it later…

  • duke

    Another disappointment from Rockstar, what else is new

    • Bigjoe275

      The Memorial day back to school update or the halloween update. And my favorite the thanksgiving update. Yeah these updates don’t include the heist just useless crap for you to spend hours days even weeks to buy useless crap. Or if you don’t like to grind then fork over your hard earned cash to buy our content in game. Did we mentioned that theses updates are free. Oh well we at rockstar will keep releasing useless updates instead of releasing heist. Because we’re to busy with this stuff instead of releasing what our fan base really wants.

  • Douche Kanipple

    No Hydra, no good cars…

  • dizzy

    This update sucks

    • Mecro

      Hell Yeah. This Was A Disappointment…

  • Rick

    Well done PR, once again you beat Rockstar to the news. I checked my Xbox and it’s live there too.

  • Dan

    I just installed the update on PS3, although it crashed the first time. Now I’ve looked online and don’t see the so-called Flight School DLC just yet.