Gabe Newell Ice bucket challenge from Microsoft Exec

The Ice Bucket Challenge is continuing to take the internet by storm and now that we can see it is branching out to the gaming industry now. Microsoft exec Phil Spencer has just accepted the challenge and now it is time for the Valve boss Gabe Newell Ice Bucket Challenge after being nominated.

It’s all for a great cause of course, while those celebrities taking part are also offering donations as well as being willing to get drenched in ice cold water.

Microsoft boss Phil Spencer has just wrapped up GamesCom 2014 for the company and now a video released below shows him taking it like a man and accepting the Ice Bucket challenge.

His nominations for the next challenge are what is getting everyone talking though, as he has not only nominated Gabe Newell, but also Reggie Fils-Aime from Nintendo and Shuhei Yoshida from Sony.

We think we speak for most gamers out there, in saying that it would be absolutely fantastic if we see videos of all three industry giants taking on the challenge.

Well done for Phil Spencer though for being such a good sport and reacting so quick after initially being challenged by Minecraft creator Notch. Enjoy the video again below and leave your support below if you want to see Gabe Newell take up the challenge.



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