COD Advanced Warfare resolution not certain

Back in May, Activision unveiled their debut trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It featured Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey and was the subject of initial analysis which gave gamers a heads-up on what the potential COD Advanced Warfare resolution would be.

At the time, it was concluded that based on this trailer, the PS4 resolution of COD Advanced Warfare was running at 1080p, but the Xbox One version was only running at 882p in comparison.

Skip forward almost five months later though and we have some comments to share with you from developers Sledgehammer Games on the status of the resolution for the game.

Unfortunately though, it looks like Sledgehammer Games are going to play the same card as many other developers in not revealing the final resolution until the game is due out in November.

Here is what was said when speaking to OXM in a recent interview:

“So we’re 60 frames a second all the way. We are not talking about the – we’re still waiting for announcements to come out in terms of where we’re at with the resolutions, but I can tell you that the three year development title that we’ve had, working with everyone involved to make sure that we’re getting it right… we’re still optimising the game, but even with where we’re at right now, we’re really happy.”

While we don’t have a confirmed resolution yet, it’s great to see that the game is going to be a solid 60 FPS as this is another crucial benchmark that gamers love to see confirmed before a major release.

Will the PS4 be able to handle 1080p native no problem and will the Xbox One struggle again as suggested in the trailer? The fact that Sledgehammer Games are not willing to confirm suggests that there may be some discrepancies again between the two versions.

Let us know your predictions for COD Advanced Warfare in terms of resolution.



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