Aston Martin DBC concept 12 months on

It’s almost been 12 months since we got our first glimpse at the Aston Martin DBC Concept, which was said to be Aston Martin’s answer to the Ferrari 458 Italia or McLaren MP4-12C at that time. The design was a controversial one because some people thought it was just a generic design, whereas others thought it was a thing of beauty.

We knew back in August of 2013 that the likelihood of an Aston Martin DBC release was slim to none, but we thought we would see what people think 1 year on.

It was easier than we thought to get a perspective of what people think of the DBC Concept, seeing as though Reddit readers started to discuss the model once again.

Jury still out on design – I personally think that the DBC is a beautiful looking car and gives Lamborghini a run for its money because they have lost their way in terms of design, but only a little. This concept looks sleek, sexy and could be considered X-Rated.

More often than not less is more when it comes to car design, and the DBC certainly highlights that. However, one Reddit user hit the nail on the head by saying that this thing could never be driven over a speed hump, reminds me of the Top Gear episode where they got stuck coming out of an underground car park.

Other readers said that it looks too much like a McLaren, and the fact that it would only work as a track car. However, the majority of people are in favor of the design and would love nothing better than to see Aston Martin release the DBC. I would agree seeing as though Aston Martin has become lazy by refreshing current models rather than bringing out an all-new model.

Where do you stand on the DBC, do you think Aston Martin should release it?



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