Apple iPhone 6 keynote parody video for India

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 19, 2014

Every year about this time we get to see fan-made videos focused on Apple’s new iPads or iPhones, and one we wanted to feature for Product Reviews readers looks at an Apple iPhone 6 keynote parody for India. You can watch the video below that considers what an India focused iPhone 6 would feature, especially with certain specs and customized apps.

This Apple keynote parody video names the 2014 smartphone an iPhone 6 D Desi, obviously in the form of a concept idea for India with what the author thinks is funny. We’ll leave our readers to debate how funny this parody video is, so leave a comment with your thoughts.


You’re either going to love it or hate it, but this type of parody video does highlight how some people in different countries could benefit from certain features. The guy in the video explains an iPhone 6 for India could include unique design features like oil free glass, and unique apps for Indian users.

Do you think the iPhone 6 for India Parody is both funny and smart? With the Apple event rumored to be taking place on September 9th, there’s not long to wait now for the official keynote video.

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  • Kel

    Very funny, although the design looks a bit old. Roll on next month, can’t wait to see what Apple introduce and hope there’s some big changes considering this is meant to be a major refresh.