World of Warcraft price increase for UK

We have some important news for World of Warcraft players in the UK now, as Blizzard has confirmed that a price increase is on the way to the online MMO. In a period where many players have actually stopped playing, we can see that Blizzard are planning to raise the prices to play, with a small increase.

To those that already have a long term subscription though, you don’t have anything to worry about as you can continue to pay your existing rate for a further two years until the changes are made.

This is likely going to affect those thinking about buying a subscription for the first time. We can also see that some debate has started on whether this is a good move for Blizzard as they try to increase numbers once again, rather than scare gamers away with higher costs when most rival games are now free to play.

As of November, the costs will go up though from £8.99 to £9.99 for a 30-day subscription, £28.17 from £25.17 for a 60-day subscription and a new price of £52.14 instead of £46.14 for a 180-day subscription.

While this may seem like frustrating news, we repeat again that you won’t be affected if you are already locked into a subscription and decide to renew for the same price – you will still be able to for two years.

Blizzard are saying that they are making the changes due to ‘regional market conditions’ and as far as we’re aware, this is only affecting UK prices for now. Are you still addicted to World of Warcraft? Give us your thoughts on the incoming price increases if you are a daily player.

Guess that rules out World of Warcraft ever going free to play.



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