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Virgin Airlines opts for Nexus 7, rather than iPad

The next time you order your food on board a Virgin Airlines long haul flight, you may notice the cabin crew using tablets to take your order. A deal has been struck, with Virgin now choosing to use Google Nexus 7 tablets for all crew members to help assist passengers more efficiently.

While most of you may have been hoping to see something along the lines of ‘Nexus 7 tablets free for passengers’, this is almost just as good. You will soon be able to order your meal and have the cabin crew receive orders direct on their tablets.

It’s designed to speed up the process of serving and preliminary tests have already proven it to be a big success. It’s interesting that the Nexus 7 has been chosen above any other rival tablets such as the iPad, but we understand why it has been chosen considering it’s still a great tablet both for price and hardware specs.

As far as we remember, Virgin currently offers paper menus, followed by the standard trolley service offering food. With tablets now taking orders directly, you could find yourself getting your in-flight meal the moment you place your order.

It’s nice to see technology reaching the skies above. Give us your thoughts on Virgin Airlines’ decision to use Nexus 7 tablets for all crew members.



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