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Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Note 4 prelude, avoids price in India

If you were hoping for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha price in India over the weekend since its unveiling, then you will feel left a little disappointed, although some of you will say that the meager specs have already done that. However, we do have a tentative price, but this is based on converting a suggested price in Russia to other currencies, and so does not take into consideration local taxes etc.

The expected price in the US could be $689, which converts to Rs. 42,000, which does seem like a huge sum of money to pay for a handset that does not pack the best features.

Phones Review has been looking at this very thing and one of its readers made a very good point by saying that this Galaxy Alpha is not only underwhelming, but is considered more of a prelude for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 instead, and they do have a point. It is obvious that the one Samsung handset we are all waiting to see is the new Note model, and with only a couple of weeks to go for its unveil, this could affect Alpha sales.

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here though, as the official pricing has yet to be released, and so we would expect it to be much lower than $689, although not sure it will be half that, as another of Phones Review’s readers suggested.

Why not make up your own mind by looking at the Galaxy Alpha specifications, which consist of a metal, not plastic body, 4.7-inch Super AMOLED display, 1.8GHz quad-core, 2GB of RAM, 12-megapixel camera, 4K video recording, and 32GB of internal storage. However, there are concerns that its 1860mAh battery could be on the small side, although Samsung hopes that its Ultra Power Saving Mode will be able to keep users happy.

How much would you pay for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, bearing in mind that it’s size and many of its specs seem to be comparative to the upcoming iPhone 6?



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