New PS4 games with free gift card at Best Buy

Those of you who are always on the lookout for the latest gaming deals may want to pay attention to what Best Buy are currently offering. We have spotted that you can get a free $30 gift card with the retailer when you make a new purchase of two selected PS4 games.

The games that are offered in the selection are not bad either, some of which are very recent titles. These include Infamous: Second Son and MLB 14: The Show. You can also select older games such as Knack, Killzone Shadow Fall and Lego Marvel Super Heroes if you haven’t already played them.

Choosing two of these games on Best Buy’s website here will grant you with a $30 gift card which you can use for any Best Buy product, so it’s not restricted to games.

One word of warning though, you won’t get your gift card instantly as the terms and conditions state that the gift card will be shipped separately after you have made the purchase.

Still though, it’s a solid offer and very nice indeed if you have yet to play any of the five titles listed above, but have always been interested in them – Infamous is a cracker on its own.

What other PS4 deals have you spotted on your online shopping adventures? We would love you to share your thoughts below.



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