iOS 8 beta 6 release notes likely August 25

- Aug 19, 2014

This article has been updated since iOS 8 beta 6 failed to appear after Apple updated the dev portal with Yosemite Preview 6 and Xcode 6 beta 6. See the update below this article.

Original article from here: You will be able to read the iOS 8 beta 6 release notes in full within the next 3 hours thanks to Apple allowing everyone to view the page where that update will appear.

Non-Apple developers won’t be able to access the secure area that will contain the iOS 8 beta 6 download, although the developer portal release notes can be seen on this very page here. Many of Product Reviews readers already know about this page, but those of you that don’t and want to see the full changes once they appear should bookmark the linked page in this paragraph.

If you visit that link right now, you’ll see the title states “iOS SDK Release Notes for iOS 8.0 Beta 5”. At 6PM UK time and 10AM PST, you’ll see the title change to beta 6 with the changelog including errors that are marked “fixed in beta 6”. You can see a good number of “fixed in beta 5” at this time, although they will be replaced within the next 3 hours.


Apple supplies the information on the said page to help developers plan with the adoption of new APIs, to see what’s changed before developing with the next preview build, and of course as a quick reference for news websites and blogs reporting changes. What do you hope to see fixed within the iOS 8 beta 6 release notes?

Update August 19: Apple ended up releasing OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 6 and Xcode 6 beta 6, but iOS 8 beta 6 failed to appear within the dev portal. This can only mean that there will be a beta 6 next week on August 25th, or next will be a Gold Master in September. Personally, we’d still expect iOS 8 beta 6 to arrive, so it will likely be next Monday now.

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  • Lemont The FanMan

    if IOS 7.1.3 doesn’t show up tomorrow on august 25th at 10am or 11am then you can forget it apple has made up their mind to skip it all together making the 7.1.2 although it still has bugs its last update and fix the problems we wanted fix in 7.1.3 in IOS 8 Owell we Just have to wait it out

  • DR234

    iOS 8 beta 6 is for carriers only. Will be no beta 6 for developers!

  • Mic

    I believe iOS 8 beta 6 will still come this month rather than going direct to a gold master. If this is true, then it will have to be next Monday and the link above should still show the updated release notes but on August 25.

  • Lemont The FanMan

    IOS 7.1.3 is a Joke never coming out its only ios 8

  • 73Steven

    The iOS 8 beta 6… Is it available ? So, what I catch on your website… It’s available… But, the people was adding the UDID on friend account will don’t have the beta 6 ?

  • BB BB

    No beta 6 today …Whooops thanks for coming out!..

  • Travis

    … Awkward

  • IoS8ApPlE

    where’s the ios 8 beta 6 ???? nothing only beta 5… maybe tommorow

  • Maverick

    why predict something that is not predictable?

    • tester

      Cannot agree more…

  • Matt Myers

    1 o’clock huh? “slow clapping”

  • Sue

    Thanks Product Reviews, was looking for that link.