GTA V Flight School DLC may top $5.5 million

By Alan Ng - Aug 18, 2014

It looks like we are definitely getting a new GTA V 1.16 update in the coming hours, with evidence suggesting that Rockstar plans to celebrate National Aviation Day with a GTA V Flight School DLC update.

It started off as a strong rumor after yet more source code was leaked but now we have even more details to bring you. That man again Chr0me X MoDz is back with further information on this flight school or GTA V Pilot School update as it’s also known.

We initially told you that this update could include four new vehicles as part of some of the content. Now we can bring you prices of this content as they have already appeared inside the source code – again suggesting that it is legit information.

Hydra Jet: The GTA V Hydra Jet should be one of the new vehicles, but brace yourselves as it could cost a staggering $1.7 million to buy. For those high rollers out there, it will be money well spent as it is rumored to include space for a passenger so you can have a lot of fun with this.

Western Besra: Next up is the GTA V Western Besra a vehicle that is going to be even more expensive at $1,985,000. We saw a lot of you complaining about how expensive the Liberator Monster Truck was with the Independence Day update, but it looks like this update is going to seriously blow your wallets.

Military Jet: The Buckingham Miljet is already very anticipated among the community, as it has been rumored to be a 6-seater jet with enough space for all of your friends to cruise around in. The price for this though could be $1,250,000 so again it won’t come cheap.

Coquette 2: Last but certainly not least is the Inverto Coquette2. This is going to be the only car out of the four new vehicles and it will be the cheapest at $665,000 – assuming the source code is legit.

What are your immediate thoughts on this information? We guess the first question we need to ask is do you have enough money to pay for everything in one go as soon as this update goes live?

You are looking at a grand total of $5,600,000 if you want to buy everything on day one and assuming that the information is real. Let us know if you have enough to afford this content or if you can only buy one or two vehicles – which you will prioritize.

Is it too expensive for you?

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  • Non Sequitur

    This was so disappointing it gave me a migraine.

  • Smurf

    I got raped today in gta by hackers. They stripped all my clothes off and had an old naked man rape me from behind. Then a marijuana plant started growing from my head.

  • Gary

    I have enough for them all, but I’m only interested in the Hydra; for now, that is.

  • Kev Raw

    Too much expensive! How could we buy all vehicles without glitching

    • Fair Player Jon

      Easy, grind on missions and save up its a damn video game what else do you do then sit and play the damn thing lol no need for glitches that’s just stupid

  • Ed Gordon

    I was hoping to get a backup parachute. You know just like in real life where one can cut away from the first chute and deploy the backup up. Maybe make it to where if one deploys the first chute to soon they will get tangled up in the chute line and go into a death spin. These things shouldn’t be that hard to implement.

  • Mr.Prince

    The only way to get money in this game is to trick. Money Glitches or Hacks. There’s actually no way 2 earn money in a fast way. That really sucks.

    Impostor >>>> Gta Online >>>> Fair Player

  • Thomas E. Brewer

    I can at least test them out in SP, as I have played GTAO legitimately and have nowhere near the funds for even one of them.
    But I do have friends that will surely get them.

  • jacobstar

    Hey it cheaper than i expected but im rich as hell on gta v so i can get it then sell it if i don’t like it

    • Marvin Gabriel

      I’m guessing the jets will be through Pegasus, which you can’t sell back. So….choose wisely I suppose.

  • Aloan Moreira

    jet pack is all I want

    • Handi Pandi

      Your an idiot

      • Youreanidiot


        • Mr.Prince

          Best reply 😉