FIFA 15 Legends list with PS4 jealousy

By Alan Ng - Aug 18, 2014

We recently told you about the live event that EA were hosting to reveal some of the new FIFA 15 Legends that will be coming to the game. If you haven’t already heard though FIFA 15 Legends on PS4 will not be possible again as it’s going to be once again exclusive to Xbox platforms.

We can now bring you the trailer if you haven’t seen it, as well as the FIFA 15 Legends full list since we now have over 50 legends coming to the game – combining the existing Legends that will continue to be featured in FIFA 15.

Unfortuantely though, it still looks like EA has left off some of the more requested legends in the game. We’re talking about the likes of Maradona, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Cafu and even Cryuff.

All of those legends are missing from the FIFA 15 Legends list, but we can see that EA has added new names such as Bobby Moore, Alan Shearer, Roberto Carlos, Hristo Stoichkov and the Laudrup brothers.

They add to the existing list which already includes names such as Pele, Bergkamp, Maldini, Luis Figo and Marco Van Basten. It’s a great list with the new additions, but we wonder why some of the more obvious names are still nowhere to be seen.

You can check out the full list of FIFA 15 Legends at EA’s site here. The new Legends and the old Legends from FIFA 14 are in separate categories so you can see who the new names are.

There’s a trailer below advertising the new names which is nicely done. We can already seen plenty of feedback on social media from PS4 owners who are still angry and a bit jealous that this massive feature is still exclusive to Xbox.

Do you think it is unfair that FIFA 15 Legends are not on PS4, or fair game? Check out the list and trailer, then give us your reaction to the game.

What Legends are missing from this list?

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  • Rory Omalley Ellis

    actually it I fair coz ps4 get cheaper coins

  • Me

    I own a ps4 I don’t care about legends I want to build new teams not old.

  • Josh101

    I’m a bit surprised, but at the same time I’m not. Surprised because Titanfall exclusivity didn’t pay off. So, why would they do this? They already destroyed Titanfall multiplatform success. Which EA could have benefited greatly from. Soccer isn’t even a major sport here in America. So this deal makes little sense. Being EA, who would willingly sell out and Microsoft who is willing to throw money at anything, that makes sense.

    • Mharmor

      No one cares if football is or not a big sport over there, your american football has no popularity at all over here in Europe, and over the rest of the world, whilst football is the biggest and most followed sport by miles.

  • logan

    It’s fair game if Sony can’t play the game don’t show up & Sony pony’s cry me a river Xbox 🎮 one the best place to play

    • X(bone)Clusive

      Not blaming M$. But when are EA going to realise they have backed the wrong horse? The install base of the PS4 is TWICE that of the Xbone. This will hurt many players but not me. I am more annoyed at Quantum Break being an Xbone exclusive. I mean, FIFA is just more of the same – even thought that same is pretty good. This will hurt the FIFA franchise in the long run.

      • Skepticz29

        you should probably stay more in touch with current events before you go pointing fingers, EA went to sony with the same offer that was given to Microsoft, and Sony denied it because they didnt want to have something competing with PS Now.

    • Karis Cottingham

      Keep tellin yourself that. Theres a small market (europe) for fifa so its a minor really. Come to ps4 and open up your world because microsofts is shrinking. Not even Tomb raiders timed exclusivity can save the xones poor sales in comparison with ps4. Now you cry me a river and try not to throw any more fan boy words around like pony’s. It just makes you sound like a child

      • TomDobo

        Xbox one hasn’t had poor sales (5mill is good for something new) yes the PS4 is dominating its easy to admit that. Europe isn’t a small market infact it’s one of the biggest hence why we get exclusive bundles and other things.

        FIFA 14 sold 10-15+ million copy’s.

        • Karis Cottingham

          First of all if you bother to read my comment properly I said poor in comparison to the ps4 not poor overall. Second point is we are tiny compared to the USA. If microsoft started spending there cash on first party titles and future projects instead of spending a ton on tiny bits of exclusive content or every multiplat they can throw money at, you as an owner would be a lot better off an have a lot more coming. The wife has an xone and I do occasionally use it but the ps4 is my main gaming rig

        • TomDobo

          Sorry my bad. I own both of these beast of consoles but I prefer the X1 at the moment. There seems to be a lot more to do and play on it.

        • Karis Cottingham

          Cool man. I only use my console for gaming and the PS4 seemed liked the right choice for that. Plus I knew my wife would eventually buy an Xone which she did a couple months later

        • TomDobo

          I do personally like the DS4 over the X1 controller but they are both very good. It’s hard owning both because I’m trying to decide which 3rd party game to get on what console lol.