Early Moto 360 Best Buy reveal, but not shipping

There are two smartwatches we are waiting for; one we know is coming and the other is still based on assumptions. We have already seen what to expect from Motorola and its Moto 360, but we are still waiting on the iWatch from Apple, although we could be waiting a while yet.

Going back to the Moto 360, this looks to be the best smartwatch in terms of design out of what is currently available and as a way to keep interest alive, Best Buy has let slip about a few Moto 360 details, one of which was its price.

In the image below, which was a screenshot taken from the Best Buy website we got to see its product listing and it came with the same $249 price tag that we have seen a few times before.

We believe that this is a good price to pay for the device seeing as though it looks far better than rival products, such as the LG G Watch or Samsung gear Live.

While Best Buy has offered some details of the Moto 360, such as specs and features two weeks earlier than was expected, don’t expect shipping to happen earlier.

There have been times that a product has managed to ship earlier than expected, just as leaked details, but this is unlikely to be the case with the Moto 360, as Motorola is to hold a special event on September 4th to not only unveil its first smartwatch, but also the 2014 editions of the Moto X and G smartphones.



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