COD Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Perks, Exo Abilities

By Alan Ng - Aug 18, 2014

Are you looking forward to the next addition of Call of Duty this year? We are expecting the game this November, but before then we were able to get a good look at COD Advanced Warfare multiplayer perks thanks to some preview gameplay that was taken at GamesCom 2014 over in Germany.

If you are a hardcore fan of the series and pay no attention to the ‘hate’ that the game receives on social media, Advanced Warfare is already looking like a must buy on November 4.

In the meantime, we have a great 14 video that has been released, showing some Capture the Flag gameplay. It’s taken from the Ascent multiplayer map and isn’t edited in any way – so complete raw footage straight from Gamescom.

Pay close attention and you’ll see a fair amount of perks being listed. Some of which include old favorites from previous games such as Flak Jacket, Cold Blooded and Scavenger.

There’s plenty of new perks as you would expect though and we can list some for you here. Players will have the option of either customizing loadout as usual, but for others there are five pre-set loadouts to choose from.

They are as follows and also include pre-set Exo Abilities and Exo Launchers, except the new DEW class.

Balanced: Shown in the larger image directly below.

Run and Gun:








What do you think of the perks and exo abilities that have been revealed so far? Obviously you should be able to unlock more as you progress through the ranks.

Watch the live gameplay below from GamesCom and let us know what you think about the latest Call of Duty game. Do you think it is more of the same and you will give it a miss, or is it another day-one buy for you?

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  • RoboCoD

    Sorry, I was a hard core fan, but not with this new CoD. It seems the only people listening to all the “hate” are Sledgehammer who have tried to turn CoD into a Halo/Titanfall clone.
    Which annoys me as I am getting Destiny for my sci-fi shooter. This will be the first CoD I am passing on since CoD4. Double jumps, laser guns, invisibility…really? The thng is they will get rid of a LOT of fans, but will they bring many new fans in? I don’t think so. As I said, many like me will be buying Destiny – and many (well, the couple of people with an Xbone) also have Titanfall – how many sci-fi shooters do Sledge think there is room for? I guess we’ll see when we compare Destiny Sales to CoD Sales. My prediction is that Destiny will smash it.
    I am just hoping they go back to reality for the next iteration and that only one in every three (Sledgehammer) releases will have the whole Crysis/Halo/Titanfall thing going on. Until then, I have to wait for BF Hardline which is the only AAA “real world” shooter on the horizon.