WWE 2K15 roster not full, 92 slots hope

We recently told you about the live stream for the WWE 2K15 roster reveal, which both WWE and 2K had been hyping up for weeks since it would be taking place during the weekend of Summerslam 2014.

Most of you will be watching a Summerslam live stream with Cena Vs Lesnar, but those who are not are probably still discussing the big talking point over the roster.

We were all expecting the full WWE 2K15 roster to be revealed on August 16, but it seems that 2K are still not ready to reveal everything. The actual event for the reveal did not even reveal the final list, with only 40 odd fighters revealed at the time.

Since then, the WWE 2K15 website has revealed some additional fighters, but you can see at the bottom of the website that 2K are still saying that more will be revealed soon.

If you have been following the latest WWE 2K15 news, you probably would have seen the leaked screenshot which suggests that there will be a total of 92 fighters for WWE 2K15, based on a screenshot showing the character select screen and 92 available slots.

With WWEK 2K15 releasing on October 28, there is still plenty of time for your favourite fighters to make the cut. Take a look at the roster so far on the official website, then tell us who you are still hoping to see.

Should 2K consider adding many more legends to the game? Where is Bret the Hitman Hart and Macho Man Randy Savage for example?



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