PS4 themes download not ready for 2.0 update

By Alan Ng - Aug 17, 2014

Some of you may have seen some comments from Sony within the last few days, seemingly confirming that PS4 themes download for consoles would be coming with the highly anticipated PS4 2.0 update which Sony has already promised will arrive for the 2014 Holiday season.

Unfortunately though, we have an update to bring you on this and it’s not good news. Sony has since clarified that a PS4 themes update has not been confirmed and the people responsible for stating that it was – was made by mistake.

You can see Sony backtrack by recapping the events over at Neogaf here, when Sony initially said that it would be coming in their official PlayStation Blogcast.

It’s no secret that PS4 users would love to customize that home space and given that it was a standard feature on PS3, it has to be one of the pending features that is currently on Sony’s ‘to-do list’.

It doesn’t seem like one of the more ‘demanding’ PS4 features to add, compared to say DLNA so we do understand the frustration from fans on why another simple PS4 feature hasn’t arrived yet.

PS4 update 2.0 is promising very good things for the console though, as Share Play could change the system in a big way. Are you hoping to download PS4 themes very soon? Give us your thoughts on the initial news, followed by the backtrack.

What do you think is holding up PS4 themes?

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  • Commander Jim

    Themes? Who cares?

  • Tommy Gunn

    Totally agree with you Tony. Any features that were already available last gen, should have been ready this gen. I think both consoles were rushed out for release. Probably because technology is improving so quickly now, they would have looked dated if they waited any longer.

    • Commander Jim

      I don’t think most people would prefer to have waited another year just to get themes or whatever other non gaming features they want.

  • Tony

    The PS4 & XBox One were clearly not ready for public release at the back-end of last year. Both consoles still have major issues, missing features and a severe lack of quality games, not to mention nearly every release title being delayed, quite severely. This all points to the consoles being rushed out ready for the “console war”. The “console war” should have been a huge benefit to gamers, with both development houses pushing and competing to create a superior product, game developers being given plenty of time to perfect their titles and extra features being crammed into the UI. All came down to $$$$ in the end.

    • so… many console generations have you been through? It’s been like this every generation! Especially as far as the games go. Most of the really good games come at the end of a generation. Also before we had the ability to upgrade our consoles the generations were always 4 years tops these extra features didn’t exist. So quite honestly if you don’t feel that a console is worth it just don’t buy into it and wait for it to be worth it to you, but don’t claim it’s any different than any other generation that came before it.

      • Tony

        Erm, I’ve been buying consoles since the days of the Atari 800 so, pipe down, I’m entitled to my opinion. And, I didn’t claim it was any different to any other generation if you read my comment. My points are based on the fact that several features that were available on last-gen are not apparent on current-gen and they should be, Sony and Microsoft are having to add them in as “patches” – it’s not good enough. It’s the same with most major games now, they are all rushed out the meet financial deadlines and it shows. Call of Duty, Battlefield they all need several months of patches to get them working how they should.

        As for games, I’m not saying the games aren’t good enough, there have been many great games so far on PS4. However, nearly all of the “launch” titles have been delayed “Drive Club” “The Order;1886” “Watchdogs”, this points to the game houses being told the console would launch considerably later than it did. It was just an observation and once which I think is valid and pertinent to this article.

        Again, you have said “but don’t claim it’s any different than any other generation that came before it” ….please tell me where in my comment I said this?

        • I shouldn’t have put that statement in quotes. Rather than saying you said that I’m stating that that’s what you are implying. Typically complaining about something means that it wasn’t already like that. As for the delay in games…that’s kinda two-faced don’t you think? On one hand you say that you don’t like it when a game is released and then has to go through patches, but you don’t like it when a game is delayed to avoid said patches. Unfortunately the industry doesn’t work that way. Also, delaying the launch of a console because some games won’t launch on time doesn’t seem responsible on Sony or Microsoft part. Yeah they aren’t done with their consoles but I see it as improving over the long term rather than they should have had these functions out of the gate. When developing software sometimes you want to go one way but your audience wants to go another. Games are a business first and foremost, if you notice all these decisions based on finances that’s because…well, that’s the way it works. I doubt that’ll change any time soon.

        • Commander Jim

          Actually the devs really had no idea what the final hardware configurations for either console would be. Games take about three years to make but the hardware configs weren’t final until months before release. As late as early last year devs thought the PS4 was going to have 4gb of RAM and the Xbox got it’s CPU upgrade right before release. I dare say this is the reason for the delays. But such is the speed of technology these days that you can’t have hardware in stone years in advance for games to be made for them.

  • anony

    I guess PS4 themes are already there, but Sony holds them back.
    In my opinion they try to constantly allocate their updates about a long time, so they can say:
    “Look, we’ll give you essential updates during the whole PS4’s lifetime, no reason to complain about anything.”