iOS 8 beta 6 and 7.1.3 on same release date?

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 17, 2014

There’s a possibility that iOS 8 beta 6 and the iOS 7.1.3 update could be given the same release date, which would be within the next day. We’re expecting the final beta to launch within the developer portal in around 27 hours at the time of writing.

It’s unclear where these rumors originated from for Apple to release the iOS 7.1.3 update tomorrow, but this is what we’re seeing all over Twitter with public users hoping it will finally happen.

There’s a number of problems current iPad and iPhone users are experiencing and with the iOS 8 public release still about a month away, some people want at least one more download to fix current issues.


You can see a few of the tweets below that certain people are leaving in regard to a possible iOS 7.1.3 update on Monday, August 18. We’ve also mixed in a few issues about battery drain, which some people still get and it’s not clear if they have tried a clean install to improve battery life.

Do you hope to see the iOS 7.1.3 update for your iPad and iPhone tomorrow, or are you focused on getting the iOS 8 software after beta 6 tomorrow and Gold Master next month?

It would be unusual to see iOS 8 beta 6 and the current public software receive an update on the same date, but it’s possible and we would imagine most Apple device owners would welcome improvements.

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  • Lemont The FanMan

    what a Joke didn’t happened at all listen there is no IOS 7.1.3 but ios 8 will be released by September 22nd 2014 cant wait to get it

  • Lemont The FanMan

    Lets hope its released tomorrow I hope ios 7.1.3 comes out tomorrow as I still have problems with my iPhone 5s gold and white with battery and calendar and camera and mic problems as well But if not hopefully will be fixed in IOS 8.0.0