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Hearthstone Heroic Sapphiron preview, rewards

If you are a Hearthstone player, you would have been getting stuck into Hearthstone Construct Quarter this past week, the latest wing of the Curse of Naxxramas DLC expansion.

It is almost time for the Hearthstone Frostwyrm Lair release time though and to prepare, we now have a useful heads-up to bring you, giving you an insight into the first boss that you’ll come up against on the final wing.

The Hearthstone Frostwyrm Lair bosses are going to be the toughest that you have faced so far and an even greater challenge when you take them on in Heroic mode.

Hearthstone Sapphiron will be your first challenge and this boss will have 45 health as normal in Heroic mode. As you can see from the image directly below this post, Sapphiron will make use of special cards such as Frozen Champion and Pure Cold.

Frozen Champion is particularly nasty as it has the ability to permanently freeze opponents so you definitely need to watch out for that move and set up your Hearthstone deck accordingly.


Fortunately, the Hearthstone Frostwyrm reward card is very worthwhile, as Blizzard are offering 2x Echoing Ooze for those that manage to take down Sapphiron successfully.

You can check out the stats and abilities of this card above – how do you rate it compared to other Naxxramas boss rewards? Let us know how you are getting on with Construct Quarter and if you have enough gold to purchase the next wing which is due out this week.



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