Disqus down with temporary maintenance

- Aug 17, 2014

Disqus is currently down with a temporary maintenance message, although the popular blog comments system will come up occasionally with slow loading. The Disqus service stopped working within the last 30 minutes and has since had intermittent problems.

If you visit news websites and blogs running the Disqus comments system you might see a spinning wheel where the comments box should be, and this includes our own website and comment system.

The problems could simply be down to pure demand and thanks to the popularity of Disqus, so we wouldn’t expect the downtime to last for too long. Considering the fact the service is running slow from time-to-mine, also signals this could be related to server traffic or routing issues.


When you browse the Disqus website you might see the above error message explaining there’s temporary maintenance in place. You’ll also see pages loading at times, and then going to a bad gateway page, or another maintenance message. We’ve reached out to Disqus to see exactly what’s wrong and how long the maintenance messages will continue to pop up.

If you see our comments box working below, then the odds are everything is back to normal.

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  • Hey, Joe from Disqus here. If you ever have questions about uptime, we have a very public status page at status.disqus.com. You can even sign up for notifications for when things go awry (which fortunately isn’t very often!).

    Server load typically isn’t the issue since we’re well-equipped for unexpected traffic spikes.

    But since we push new code updates everyday and even redundant hardware occasionally hiccups, these can often be the outage culprits.

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