Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge is best yet

Mark Zuckerberg recently challenged Bill Gates to the Ice Bucket Challenge and we believe this is the best one yet, so take a look at the video below our article to see why we think that is. There’s a lot of respect for Bill Gates and the way he presented this video, and of course the fact he will be donating the majority of his wealth to charity.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has created some amazing videos that are going viral on a daily basis. This is mainly due to these videos including well known people getting a bucket of ice cold water over them, but before that happens they challenge another friend or well known figure to take the Ice Bucket Challenge in support of helping those with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.


Whether you love Bill Gates, or hate him, you got to love this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Take a look at the video below and share a comment.

Not only did Bill Gates accept Mark Zuckerberg’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but he went on to nominate Chris Anderson, Ryan Seacrest, and Elon Musk. Those videos follow with Chris Anderson accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge along with Ryan Seacrest and Elon Musk.



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