Time Warner Cable outage linked to PSN issues

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 16, 2014

Since the PlayStation Network problems were confirmed by Sony’s status page yesterday, it now seems that the issues were related to ISP’s and not Sony. Time Warner Cable has highlighted the outage in a number of tweets and mention other ISPs are having problems as well, so one quick fix is to change DNS settings to use Google or Open DNS.

If you see PSN down today, or your connection is not working with random problems, then you could take a look at our earlier article where we featured a very useful comment on fixing the current PSN problems with a DNS change, Obviously, any changes you make are at your own risk and some PS4 / PS3 owners might want to wait it out.

The feedback we’ve received from readers even within the last hour states, “My cable and internet is out with TWC”. Another added, “Time Warner Cable is having issues with Playstation Network and this was confirmed by PS, I’ve not been able to connect to the PSN Network for hours and had a lot of trouble tonight as well”.

TWC first highlighted problems around 13 hours ago and then reconfirmed the link to PSN being down for some customers just 4 hours ago. The tweets below highlight this fact.

The latest update came within the last few minutes and explains it will take time for TWC’s DNS information to flow, so this might be a waiting game unless you change DNS addresses.

Has Time Warner Cable or PSN been down for you today and if so, did you bother to change DNS or are you waiting it out?

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  • Karen Lyons

    Have had problems since July, tv phone and internet! This company is the worst I have ever dealt with. I feel so badly for their employees.

  • CarrionRocket

    I have TWC in Texas and it’s still an issue for me since yesterday. I have plenty of games to play offline so I’ll just wait it out. And to be honest, if my only choice for broadband wasn’t TWC I’d have dumped them years ago.

    • derrickgott007

      Just use google’s DNS. Set the first DNS to and the second to