World of Tanks server down today for maintenance

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 15, 2014

The World of Tanks server is down today for maintenance work and this is the message you will see when visiting, although the homepage doesn’t explain how long that work will take before the game is back online.

We’ve been informed by some of our readers and from within gaming forums that the World of Tanks service has not been working for a little while. If you do of course know the ETA for its return, then please leave a comment below.

Were you expecting to play World of Tanks today, if so what will you be doing during the server downtime? We’ll update everyone when the servers return and of course what changes were made, if there’s anything evident.

There’s been times before when World of Tanks has gone down unexpectedly, see the tweet above, although as far as we are aware this downtime was planned.

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  • bobby wilson

    still down.. laggggg city ping went from 100 to over 600.. couldnt move but euro and mexico could kill at random.. seems only us server down and messed up.. guess they dont want us money..

  • JoeBeach

    Still down for me. Said could not connect to the update server and then could not connect to the game server..