WhatsApp Plus not working, APK download MIA

- Aug 15, 2014

We’ve received feedback that the WhatsApp Plus Android APK isn’t working and this happened since some popular mobile news websites reported version 6.13 released. It’s not clear exactly why there’s problems and after checking some credible blogs we notice websites offering the WhatsApp Plus app for download have been taken down and this might be related to why the chat app is not working.

You’ll notice this Phones Review article just a few days ago reporting WhatsApp Plus released a new Android APK with 6.13, although the website they link to for the download currently has a “failed to open page” error message. There’s other websites online offering this application with the latest version and slightly older downloads, so you only need to run a Google search for WhatsApp Plus 6.13 to find these.

WhatsApp Plus not working – the feedback we’ve received has only landed in the last couple of days and this is what one Product Reviews reader had to say, “I’ve tried using WhatsApp Plus in August with my Nokia xl and it is not working, I’m getting an error after 6.13 saying SMS verification failed and another message explaining the client has changed download”. Another added, “I downloaded the latest version and cannot get WhatsApp Plus to work, I need help finding a fix”.

Tell me more about WhatsApp Plus – the app is a modded version of the original found on Google play, so you might not want to install considering the application isn’t officially by the original trusted developers. You can learn about the so-called enhanced version within the videos we embedded below this article, which tell you the basics and also how to install on devices like the Nokia X and Nokia XL.

Some people swear by WhatsApp Plus and others say “don’t trust it”, but we’ll let you debate that in the comments. Is WhatsApp Plus working for you?

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  • Ajit


    I recently found one issue with what’s app plus and using plus donation. by using plus donation we can go to hidden mode and because of that other users can see our “last seen” the time when we go in hidden mode. but if we send message to Windows and BlackBarry by using what’s app plus it is showing “online” to the BB and Windows users, seems like there is a bug with whats app plus and plus donation….

    please fix this ASAP if you are the developer of whats app plus!!



  • Soheir

    I’m getting Package Signature Varification failed error with v6.13 even whatsapp plus theme server is broken for older version.