Turn Facebook Messenger notifications off in iOS, Android

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 15, 2014

The need to learn how to turn Facebook Messenger notifications off permanently in iOS and Android has increased after the social network starting making people move to the dedicated message app. One of the main reasons for this is the way notifications work within the new app and this has meant thousands of you want to learn how to stop all the notification messages being sent to you, especially under the circumstances.

We have listed exactly how to do this within both iPhone’s iOS and for Android phones as well. Take a look below for a very quick explanation on how to stop being annoyed from this day forth.

Facebook Messenger turn off notifications permanently – the screenshot below was taken from an iOS device on the very screen that disables notifications, although the setting will only let users turn them off for either an hour or until the next day. The good news is you can turn off Facebook Messenger notifications permanently on the iPhone, which most iOS users will likely know thanks to the notification center found under the settings menu and allowing you to simply turn off any app you desire.


Things work a little different for Android users. You’ll still need to visit the main settings menu, but from there you go to the apps menu and choose Messenger. It’s pretty obvious what to do here, just make sure “show notifications” is unchecked and this will disable push notifications. After this, pop into the Messenger app and visit the in-app settings menu and turn off Chat Heads from within the Notifications/Chat Heads tab.

Let us know if you chose to disable Facebook Messenger notifications, and also what you think about using the separate app? We’ve also heard about some people experiencing battery drain with the dedicated chat app, so again we’d love to hear if you have such issues as well.

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  • Kerstin

    I have tried to turn off messenger notifications again and again. I chose not to install the new messenger, and whenever I get a message, I can not get rid of the notification. (Click notification -> FB app opens, and shows the install messenger page -> choose not to install -> the notification stays in the notification bar until reboot.)

    I have turned off messages from the FB app, and unchecked the notification from messages. The problem seems to be that Android app turns off the notifications from messages only for 8 hours. There seems to be no way to turn them off permanently.

  • Dustin

    There was definitely a noticable battery drain on my HTC One M8 using the dedicated messaging app. I was already unhappy being forced into an app that I don’t see necessary, so all it took was this one drawback to convince me to uninstall the app. I’ve disabled all of my notifications for facebook, because facebook updated the Android app in a way that prevents the user from permanently disabling message notifications. They can only be turned off for 8 hours tops. If you want to turn them off longer than that, you have to disable ALL notifications. So now, facebook has been placed on the same shelf as “snail mail” in my world.