PSN status confirms not working, down in USA

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 15, 2014

The PlayStation Network is not working correctly today in at least the United States, and this has been confirmed by the PSN status page at the time of writing. It lists Sony’s PSN Status as online, although a red alert warning points to problems with the service being Intermittently available.

Problems have been reported for at least the last hour and maybe a lot longer. We have taken a screenshot of the current issues below, which are hitting both PS4 and PS3 owners trying to connect online with popular games.

Sony’s support page explains PSN is currently being hit with “high volume” and this means users are likely “experiencing issues when connecting to the service”.

You can see the official response to the problems by Ask PlayStation on Twitter. In a nutshell, if you have problems with PSN down or connection issues, then you should just “try again later”. It is strange that they cannot handle the volume of users using PSN, especially when you are playing for PS Plus.

Is the PlayStation Network down for you today and if so, what location are you in and of course country? We’ll update our readers as we get more, especially once the status page is updated with all services working correctly again.

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  • chris

    My ps4 Don’t stay connected to the net. I keep getting some twc error. What makes me mad is my ps3 is working fine. Smh. And it keep spitting out my games and making the eject disk sound. 😟

  • slapppybawls

    its getting ddos’d whoever wrote this with there comment of how they cant handle high volume ..its because its getting ddos attack’d millions of requests not from network users just programes that dont want psn to be connactable …. please learn something before making a news report bad mouthing PSN

  • athane77

    I don’t have TWC and this worked for me. Thx

  • GamerBoysCoolMom

    Thank you @stefan walker! We have had this issue for 2 days. I kept telling my son to be patient but come on now two days! So glad i found your post!!!

  • 90’s Baby

    i wish i would have seen this before the network is already working though lol

  • Nick

    Yep, fixed it. Thanks so much! And I hate TWC. Lol

  • Demitro

    Yepp it worked thank you 🙂

  • DrDuudi

    Dude Stefan wow thank you. Instant fix.

  • Calvin

    Stefan, I love you. Thank you so much for such a simple fix.

  • husleman187

    @Stefan Walker you da man!

  • Robert McLinden

    I have TWC, and changing the DNS settings still didn’t resolve the issue

    • Stefan Walker

      Call them up and have them reset your internet connection, maybe that will ‘refresh’ things.

      If that doesn’t help and you’re certain you submitted you DNS settings properly, go read up one ISP’s hi-jacking your DNS settings,

      “Even if you’ve switched your DNS settings away from the servers provided by your ISP, some ISPs have still figured out a way to hijack the NXDOMAIN response.”

  • HBNinja

    Thanks @disqus_z5CO4tcV8l:disqus!

  • businessface

    @Stefan Walker I meant you sir. Thank you.

  • businessface

    @disqus_z5CO4tcV8l:disqus Your DNS settings worked wonderfully. Thank you. SATX on TWC using custom wireless access point for PS3/XBONE.

  • Stefan Walker

    Guys, it’s not Sony. It’s probably your carrier having DNS problems, especially when you see code 8071053d. And especially when you’re using TWC – they always have DNS problems.

    Change your PS3/4 internet connection setting to manual.

    Use the default option for everything except when you get to DNS servers

    Input any two out of these four DNS addresses for your primary and secondary entries:

    Keep accepting defaults for the rest of the settings and you should be up and running.

    The first two DNS servers listed above are run by Google.
    The last two DNS servers are OpenDNS.

    I think TWC doesn’t have their DNS server configured properly, so without the changes above, TWC customers will likely have to wait 24 hrs after Sony updated their server IP addresses for their DNS server to expire the old IP address and pull the new ones in.

    • Arcjre

      An error occurred you have been signed out of psn (8071054D)

      • Stefan Walker

        Sounds like a mystery dude, go contact your internet service provider.

    • Marq’z

      Kansas and my plastation network has not been working since yesterday

      • Stefan Walker

        Sounds like a mystery, go contact your internet service provider.

    • Ryan Meints

      Verified! I have TWC in Lincoln, NE and switching the DNS addresses to & worked in seconds. Game. On.

    • JayceTheAce

      You are Legen wait for it……dary! -Barney

    • Sean D

      I’m in Texas, of course FORCED to ise TWC and the Google DNS fixed it on the spot. Don’t blame Sony on this one guys, it’s the ISP’s shafting us here. Much appreciated @Stefan Walker.

      • ISPmonkey

        Just so you know, this was not an ISP issue. Sony did a change on their network and screwed it up. These massive networks are REALLY complicated and often times information is passed through multiple levels before it actually gets to you. If a DNS server does not have the correct IP entry you gotta ask where does it get its IP entry?

        Chances are the upstream (Sony in this case) is to blame.

        • Stefan Walker

          Pffff.. Yes Sony basically changed their phone number and everyone received new copies of the phone book. Google updated quickly, while TWC still has several phone books rotting on their door step.

          It doesn’t help that TWC drags their feet at updating their DNS records.

        • ISPmonkey

          That’s not how that works… They literally advertised the wrong routes…

        • Stefan Walker

          Why TWC have old serials then, and google / openDNS / AT&T and everyone else on the internet had newer serials for the SOA response?

        • ISPmonkey

          There are a ton of reasons but you have to understand that a lot of that is not controlled on the receivers end. They also have a large number of servers that disperse this information. I have TWC and I don’t like them either (especially the customer service) but this one, as much as you apparently would love to put on them, was not on them.

        • Stefan Walker

          ISPmonkey is a fitting name for someone trying to defend the ISP. And for the sake of argument, lets say you’re 100% correct. No excuse for TWC to be dragging their feet while everyone else is updates. And which routes you talking about, that BGP mess… whatever

        • ISPmonkey

          I use ‘route’ incorrectly because I don’t deal with DNS too much but the reason I’m defending them right now is because I heard Sony Engineers literally cop to this. Btw I’m not trying to be an antagonist in this but I legitimately don’t think most people know how complicated systems like DNS can be.

          What do you mean by ‘that BGP mess’, I am curious.

        • Stefan Walker

          Lets say it’s all Sonys fault. At least everyone else is smart enough to make the correction. TWC not so much apparently… And don’t worry about the other stuff mr. chimp

        • ISPmonkey

          You get that there was no correction to be made right? I don’t think you actually comprehend the systems behind this. Sony does their own zone control…

          Also, the BGP thing?

        • Stefan Walker

          “I use ‘route’ incorrectly because I don’t deal with DNS too much….”

          Enough said, I’m done with this conversation.

        • Thomas Swinney

          Well said!

        • ISPmonkey

          Damn, put in my place. Nice to know when companies mis-configure their networks it still won’t be on them, just whoever you choose as your devil for the day.

        • Thomas Swinney

          I think you need to see this from a customer perspective here. Using Google DNS resolvers clears up the problem right away. If you rely on the DHCP given ISP resolvers you won’t be given the correct IP in this case if you use TWC. Im sure that Sony people did change the IP information that caused this but in their defense this is normal everyday kinda activity that goes on in regards to DNS propagation. Sony likely (and I am just speculating) was getting ready for the crush of users for the Destiny Beta newest round). Bottom line is that Google DNS/ Open DNS ran servers that had no hickup with this change. And if you were relying on TWC DNS you would have this hickup.

        • Stefan Walker


        • Stefan Walker

          Yet another reason I’m going drop my ISP and get on board with Google’s internet once the infrastructure is rolled out in my area.

        • ISPmonkey

          You can be super angry at me for whatever reason you choose, but your above statement is the same thing I’m going to do.

        • Stefan Walker

          I’m not angry at you, I just think you’re stupid and there is no fixing that.

        • ISPmonkey

          Thank you for the reply Thomas, and you are 100% correct. And it would piss me off too. Although in this case it something that was peculiar and different got messed up on the Sony side (making this definitely not a routine DNS issue) I could not agree with you more. In the end there was a lack of access and that was the core problem. I’m not trying to defend the ISP’s in general as somehow being great entities, hell not even good most of the time, I just sometimes get a little frustrated when I see people who know just enough to be dangerous talking about things they don’t understand or don’t have the whole story on.

          Sony getting ready for the next round of Destiny most likely involved some of the reasoning behind their network changes, and yes this should have been a standard DNS update. But it wasn’t. I’m not trying to start a fight or say anyone is 100% wrong being angry in general at their ISP, I just happened to have some extra knowledge I thought would be helpful. You know what they say, knowledge is power.

        • Stefan Walker

          Then why did TWC have a serial of 2014080701 – Yeah dude, last time they update their record was on August 7th 2014. I pulled this serial from TWC DNS yesterday. ]

        • Nick

          Stefan, what I know is there was no change for 2 days. Saw your post, changed setting, Boom. Connected. So I thank you again.

        • Stefan Walker

          Anytime! Just trying to help out the gaming community ‘resolve’ their DNS issues (pun intended)


  • Godsend82

    I think I might just go OUTSIDE and do something!

  • bitch*is*a*compliment

    Im in Texas, still not working…this sucks.

  • Christine

    This is bs wtf we are paying to play online now and we have this dam issue I’m seriously ready to go to X BOX live this is ridiculous

  • Eugene Prochaska

    Nebraska…i pay for this

  • Seth Goforth

    im in south carolina

  • I’m in Texas.

  • Nathan

    They just said no time estimates are available for when PSN will be fully back online, this is stupid