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Hanx Writer keyboard app not on Android

Tom Hanks has helped to develop a new iOS keyboard app, well more of a typewriter app to be more precise, and is said to help bring back a bit of nostalgia for writers who miss the style of a typewriter, but more importantly, the sound. However, there is one problem, the Hanx Writer app is not on Android yet.

If you are one of those people who misses the clunking sound that an old type writer makes, then the Hanx Writer keyboard for iOS 7 could be the answer you are looking for. It allows you to get back-to-basics almost, as you have to move the paper from side-to-side once you come to the end of the row, and then you will need to change the paper once you get to the end.

One thing we have noticed though that goes against a typewriter, and that is a delete button. We know that the developers had to add this feature, but then it will make you lazy. It would have been better to add a feature that allowed you to put a white block over an error, much like Tipex, so you would be able to see the mistakes once you printed what you have been working on.

Tom Hanks said that he worked with, Inc. because he uses typewriters a lot of the time, but understands that people much prefer to use iPad apps instead, so thought how nice it would be to re-create something that you would get from a Hermes 2000 or a Brother De Luxe 895 typewriter.

Once you have completed your typing you can then email it, print it or share it via Facebook and other such social media services. The app is free to download, although you do have the option to upgrade to Writer’s Block Bundle, Hanx Golden Touch and Hanx 707 Bundle for $4.99, $2.99 and $2.99 respectively.



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