Bloodborne Vs Tomb Raider exclusives reaction

Microsoft may have produced the biggest shock at GamesCom 2014 by announcing Rise of the Tomb Raider as an Xbox exclusive, but Sony has some exclusives up their sleeve too, notably in the form of Bloodborne which is looking as equally as good.

Like the next Tomb Raider, Bloodborne is a game that is due out next year and is being developed by From Software, aka the team behind the acclaimed Dark Souls series of games.

At GamesCom 2014, Sony showed off the first gameplay trailer for Bloodborne and from feedback that we have already seen, many gamers are calling it the PS4’s first ‘true next-gen’ quality game in terms of visuals.

Bloodborne looks like a considerable step-up from what we have seen on the PS4 to date, with perhaps exception to The Order 1886. We were pleased to not only see some fantastic visuals via cinematic, but also impressive graphics from actual Bloodborne PS4 gameplay too.

Watch the whole thing below and you’ll see what we mean and why PS4 gamers are already very excited about this game. Could it even be better than Dark Souls? That’s one of the topics on hand at the moment on social media.

Inevitably, due to the nature of how GamesCom 2014 panned out we can already see a lot of gamers making comparisons to Rise of the Tomb Raider, considering that both are now going to be platform exclusives for both Sony and Microsoft.

Where do you stand on the platform exclusives debate? Have you accepted it as a normal part of the industry now, or do you wish games such as Bloodborne and Rise of the Tomb Raider were available on both systems from day one?



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