GTA V 1.16 update with Pilot School DLC date

By Alan Ng - Aug 14, 2014

The next GTA V update is gearing up to be something special indeed and despite Rockstar keeping everyone waiting longer than expected, gamers are still pumped up for the incoming GTA V 1.16 update that will be next to arrive.

This week, it looks like we have solid evidence on what could be coming with the GTA V 1.16 update. We have heard rumours about a GTA V Flight School DLC in the past, but it had assumed to be fake.

Now though, it looks like it is coming after all. Some detailed information has been posted to Reddit, revealing full information on the update, which is labelled inside GTA V source code as the GTA V Pilot School update instead.

Assuming it is legit, it will include flight suits, 10 solo missions, reserve parachute bags and four brand new vehicles. The vehicles in question could be the GTA V Besra Jet, Hydra Swift helicopter, Buckingham Military Jet with 16 seats and Coquette Classic.

We know what you’re thinking – what is to say that this isn’t just more unreliable information? The big difference however, is that Tuesday August 19 is National Aviation Day 2014.

Rockstar have shown many times in the past that they love to celebrate holidays in the United States with themed content, so considering the detailed nature of the leak and the upcoming event in the calendar – we are assuming that this is real information coming in the GTA V 1.16 update.

Check it out on Reddit and let us know what you think about it. Would you love to see a GTA V Flight School DLC release or are you still waiting for nothing but Heists?

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  • Non Sequitur

    What a huge waste of time. I mean, a year in, and they offer flight school? Who doesn’t know how to fly in this game already? I don’t even play online, but Jesus tapdancing, not even a cool gun to polish the turd like they’ve been doing since 2013? I really thought their DLC couldn’t get any lower. The past 4 updates, I’ve turned it on, looked at it, went “Hmm.”, and turned it off. I’m part of their old fanbase, and being slapped in the face with this is the exact reason I’m probably not getting anything else from rockstar.

  • Nope

    I’m trading my copy of GTA V until the next gen versions come out. I bought it expecting a fully functional online mode but accepted that I might need to wait a bit since last year. A whole year though? That’s ridiculous.

    Every update so far has been mostly a joke. Then only thing that has enriched the world was having Lester txt assassinations in a lobby world. GTA Online is grossly overrated and over a year since its launch I don’t even blame modders anymore. Online is boring, might as well do what you can to change it seeing as Rockstar seem pretty content to drag their feet.

    A Pilot School as DLC? No thanks. Who even wanted that? It was boring as hell in single player.

  • TheGamingWolf

    I’m just waiting for heist, I don’t even know if there gonna come out with it for PS3 and Xbox360, they will probably just end up doing it for PS4 and Xbox One.

    • Nope

      If that’s the case then I want to be reimbursed for my PS3 version. I bought it after being told it would include an awesome online mode, including the ability to undertake heists.

      It’s unlikely that heists will be next gen only as R* made the promise before they had even considered making it on the new consoles. To do so would be a gross misrepresentation of the game on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

      • mike

        You thin they werent going to make it for new consoles while it was being developed? You’re a fool. They were part of the plan all along.

  • Mike Hunt

    Lol Hydra Swift Helicopter?? A hydra and Swift are two very different vehicles. Check your sources before you post!!!!

  • Bigjoe275

    Well that’s good but I’ll be to busy playing Destiny, Halo master chief collection, DragonAge inquisition, Witcher3, The Crew, etc. So rockstar by the time I get around your title again. Yes I bought and traded this game. It’ll be fall 2015 early 2016 when I’ll finally buy a used copy of GTAV for xbox one.

  • Smoidal

    cool I like to fly the more planes the better

  • doh

    Dont even care come out with something. Its getting boring as hell

  • default

    I actually think that dlc might be cool

  • Vahit

    I want New Cars & New Guns And a 1 Million $ Apartment And new game modes !
    I dont want Pilot Scool or new Flying Vehicles !

    • Chad

      Im in total agreement with you, but unfortunately. R* doesn’t care what we all want. Right now, all I want is a patch for all the glitches, and God mode bitches.

      • Shantel MC

        I can’t wait till the DLC comes out. Its gonna be so awesome 😀

        • Vahit

          I Wait Now So long but i sell my xbox Today I dont have GTA 5 anymore !
          if it comes out i will be Unable To Play it !

  • I’m pissed

    Seems legit…