Chelsea FC’s Eden Hazard needs Google help

In an unlikely piece of news, it looks like Google’s “right to be forgotten” program is turning up some very interesting stories indeed. One in particular caught our eye, involving Chelsea FC player Eden Hazard who is reportedly asking Google for help in removing certain remarks about himself from Google’s search engine results.

You may have heard recently that a court ruling in Europe now allows individuals to submit a form to Google, asking for their identity and any details not to their liking – to be wiped from Google’s search engines forever.

Now, the big news this week is that newspapers in Belgium are claiming that Belgian superstar Eden Hazard is asking the tech giant for the very same request. The reason being that he reportedly is not happy with the negative media coverage that he received for his performances this Summer in the World Cup in Brazil.

It sounds pretty bizarre that Hazard would go to such length, but Google now has a responsibility to take the case seriously if true. Hazard is thought to have already completed the forms necessary and is now waiting on a response from Google as to whether this desire to remove reports of a poor performance, have been proved successful.

If Google do grant this wish, it will be interesting to see which other big celebrities and sports stars follow suit, making Google’s ‘right to be forgotten’ queue even longer.

Are you looking forward to playing as Hazard in FIFA 15? Give us your thoughts on this story below – do you agree that he had a terrible World Cup for Belgium?



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