Aubameyang Spiderman for FIFA 15 celebrations

We are almost ready for the arrival of FIFA 15 and after EA decided to include celebrations such as Gangnam Style in FIFA 14, we are very excited about thinking of the potential FIFA 15 new celebrations that could be coming to the game.

Even more so after events this week. Some of you may have seen a certain video that has now gone viral, showing Borussia Dortmund player Patrick Aubameyang doing a Spider-Man celebration.

The player scored a goal against Bayern Munich and celebrated by putting on a Spider-Man mask which looked amazing to those watching on around the world. As a result, we have already seen countless requests for this to be included in the FIFA 15 celebrations list and we hope that EA listens to the fan feedback and decides to put it in.

After Gangnam Style was performed by Cavani in FIFA 14, anything is possible we feel. EA’s team are obviously in the process of deciding which celebrations to put into FIFA 15 and we think this Spider-Man mask celebration from Aubameyang is a prime candidate for selection now.

Enjoy the celebration here if you haven’t seen it yet and let us know what you think about it. Do you think that this is a perfect choice for EA to consider as a new FIFA 15 celebration?

It’s probably the best one that we have seen since Balotelli’s hulk. If you have any other suggestions for FIFA 15 celebrations, list them below as we’d love to hear them.



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