Sheffield United FC Ched Evans on FIFA 15 debatable

By Alan Ng - Aug 13, 2014

EA are expected to launch FIFA 15 this Autumn, with some very exciting player upgrades and FIFA 15 player transfers that have already taken place in the real world. One debate which we have seen on social media is gathering attention though, relating to the possible inclusion of Ched Evans on FIFA 15 for Sheffield United.

This is a player who has just served a prison sentence and is due to be released and presumedly sent back to Sheffield United, the League One club who bought the player in 2009.

Sheffield United are due to be included on FIFA 15, in both normal match modes and on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. There is an online petition that has been set up though, asking Sheffield United not to bring Ched Evans back onto their team for when he is released from prison.

We have a feeling that EA must be taking a close eye on this situation as well, as they would need to make a decision on whether to create a Ched Evans FIFA 15 Ultimate Team card or not.

As a striker, he’s actually got a very good goals ratio, scoring 42 goals in 103 appearances. If he does appear on the game, we are expecting a rating between 60 and 70 for the striker, although again it’s down to whether he’ll be on Sheffield United’s books or not.

Have you been keeping a close eye on this situation? If you are a FIFA player and enjoy playing as Sheffield United, let us know if you think Ched Evans should feature in the game or not, in light of this petition that is in circulation at the moment.

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  • hate Wednesday

    So does that mean luke mccormack and lee hughes won’t be in the game blah blah blah oh and what about gary the repeat offender madine

  • BigHarryMaguire

    i don’t think he will be on fifa 15 from the start maybe added in January he is reportedly training with us now he’s on day release and will be offered a contract if he his fitness levels are good enough i hope he comes back for both fifa and united, oh and the petition is not going to do anything so please everyone who’s upset stop its united’s and cheds decision not yours.

    • Actual Blade

      Where have you heard he is “reportedly training with us now that he’s on day release?” He isn’t being released from jail until October and he shouldn’t play for us. The main reason being that he will have had 2 and a half years out of football and will not hit the same vein of form he was in in 2011/12. It would be a really bad idea to let him back playing for us.