PES 2015 Demo release date unleashed

We have just given you some news about a FIFA 15 new trailer that EA has just released, but now we can see that Konami has some massive PES 2015 news of their own to share. Specifically, we now have a PES 2015 demo release set and it is going to be coming right on the eve of FIFA 15.

PES 2015 is looking very promising this year and we could finally see a more closer battle with FIFA compared with previous years when FIFA was practically unbeatable.

At GamesCom 2014, Konami has announced that the PES 2015 demo release date is September 17. This date has actually been well thought of in advance, as it’s just one week before the release of FIFA 15 at the end of September.

Konami are obviously hoping that gamers play the PES 2015 demo before FIFA 15 is launched and then see enough to make them wait to pick up PES 2015 instead on November 13 since there’s a sizeable gap between the two game launches.

At the moment, we don’t know if a FIFA 15 demo is coming to counter-attack this move, but stay tuned as we are due even more details on both games soon.

We also have some PES 2015 gameplay from GamesCom to show you too. Are you excited about PES 2015 finally offering a competitive game this year? Let us know which one you will be picking up.



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