Clash of Clans August update sneak peek before live

By Alan Ng - Aug 13, 2014

Developers Supercell may have given away some free Clash of Clans gems recently, but attention has now switched to the incoming Clash of Clans August 2014 update with many players now keen to know when it will arrive.

We thought that the update would be ready in the first week of August, but it looks like Supercell need longer this time and it could be an indication that a bigger update will arrive.

What we can tell you though is that another Clash of Clans update sneak peek for August is coming, following on the trend from other updates prior to release.

Supercell has confirmed that this will be the case in a Tweet below, replying to one user who was asking about rumours relating to when the August update will arrive.

As a result, don’t be surprised if we now see the sneak peek in the next week or so, followed by a final Clash of Clans August update release date at the end of the month.

Supercell has so far been very quiet on what we could see next, so if you are still playing the game on a daily basis, we would love to hear your suggestions.

Is Clash of Clans one of the best mobile games that you have ever played? Let us know what you would personally like to see in the next update.

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  • gage groff

    Who knows it could be anything this time. Hopefully some new defenses are added or even a town hall 11! Only time will tell but one thing for sure is it might be somthing to do with dark elixar troops since there are 5 coming soon spots so we might get to see a couple new troops. But honestly a town hall 11 would be sick!! Longer total gameplay and if they added in some crazy new defenses like harpoon towers or vortex cannons. That be sick!!