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Cartoon HD back with subscription anxiety

Although the whole concept behind Cartoon HD is still a grey area, we can still see that consumers continue to flood to Twitter, begging the creators of the app, GAppCenter for Cartoon HD 2.0, or a new version of Cartoon HD to arrive as soon as possible.

The reality is though that Cartoon HD has obviously had some major problems behind the scenes resulting in copyright infringement and takedown notices after big gun companies decided to take action.

Despite this though, we can see that the Cartoon HD GAppCenter website is still teasing a new application to be released soon, while the Twitter account controlled by the team is also hinting of a new idea that will be coming soon.

Meanwhile, we can see that some users have already contemplated the thought of what this new idea could turn out to be. Cartoon HD is obviously a much loved application, but how would you feel if it returned in its entirety – needing a subscription to watch its content?

It could be the only way in which Cartoon HD could ever come back in an official capacity and we have already seen plenty of feedback online from consumers who wouldn’t mind paying money just to see Cartoon HD back up today as soon as possible.

The question is, would you be willing to pay a small fee to see Cartoon HD back on your iPhone 6 or iPad Air 2? It has been several months since Cartoon HD ‘closed forever’, but some activity from GAppCenter behind the scenes suggests that there is something about to happen in the near future.

What are your thoughts on Cartoon HD? Would you be happy to pay money to use the app once again to watch unlimited movie, cartoon and TV content? Give us your thoughts on this likelihood below.



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