2016 Ford Endeavour safety features for India limited

The 2016 Ford Endeavour has been reported as coming with advanced safety features, but because of government legislations in India, Ford will have to limit some of these features. This is a real shame, although the same ruling meant that the Mercedes S Class also came with limited safety features in India.

The next generation Ford Endeavour safety features in question are the crash detection system and autonomous braking because the Indian government does not allow the use of radar systems to be used in civilian vehicles. We would like to point out that these have yet to be confirmed, but a prototype was recently spotted showing lenses and sensors behind the windshield, which could only mean the use of the systems mentioned above.

People in India will not be getting less for their money because of the lack of these features, as a recent article reports that they would have only be available on the top of the range models or as an option, so not the base models. However, the price for the top of the line 2016 Ford Endeavour in India will surely come with a price reduction when compared to those sold in other countries because the lack of autonomous braking and crash detection.

This will not put Indian drivers off because it is something they never expect to see on new cars in their country, although there is still much to look forward to with the all-new Ford Endeavour, such as self leveling rear suspension (ideal for roads in India) coil sprung rear suspension as well as an multi-mode AWD system.

There is currently no 2016 Ford Endeavour price or release date for India, but we do know that it will be sometime next year, and so we just have to keep our ears to the ground to see what Ford has planned.



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