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2014 Nexus devices for first 64-bit Android L

It was last year during the iPhone 5S unveil that Apple revealed to us the first mobile device running a 64-bit processor, and at that time Android users were making fun saying that it was all a gimmick, so how come they are not doing the same now? This is because NVIDIA announced earlier this year that it would be the first to unveil a 64-bit processor for an Android device.

NVIDIA has recently been explaining why they believe they will be the mobile processor maker to beat for Android devices, one of the reasons is thanks to the unique way they code, which pretty much doubles the speed.

While NVIDIA has been happy to share more details about its upcoming chip, they have yet to decide when it will show up in devices, although we do know that it will be an Android L based device.

It is more than likely going to happen this year and one would presume that a 2014 Nexus smartphone or tablet would make use of the new NVIDIA 64-bit processor first seeing as though they will be the first to come with the Android L mobile OS.

What Nexus smartphone or tablet will come with the NVIDIA 64-bit chip first? This is tough to say seeing as though we do not know when NVIDIA will be releasing the chip. The first Android L device will more than likely be the Nexus 6, if that is what it will be called, as the Nexus 5 was the first device to run KitKat last year.

However, if NVIDIA releases its new processor later than early November, then it could be any number of Nexus products, such as the Nexus 8, 9 or 10, with a slim chance of a predecessor to the Nexus 7.



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