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Tearaway totally made for PS4 at 60fps

Sony’s live press conference has finished and there was a number of announcements, which includes the fact that Sony gave up trying to port Tearaway to PS4. After trying for a while, Sony admitted it was “impossible” and instead they had “a gamejam” to find out what would be possible with the PlayStation 4 hardware like had been done with PS Vita previously.

During the Sony press conference they revealed a video for Tearaway totally made for PS4, which we have embedded below on this page. Titled “Tearaway Unfolded on PS4”, the 2-minute and 33 second video gives you a glimpse at what to expect.

There’s those that think Tearaway fits the PS4 perfectly, although you won’t need to look far to find hundreds of tweets with negative opinions from what they saw within the video below.

Do you like the look of Tearaway for PS4, or do you agree with some people that it should have stayed on PS Vita only?



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