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PS4 2.0 update live in time for GTA V, COD Advanced Warfare

PS4 2.0 firmware update is not yet live, but Sony has announced that it will be ready for download this fall, which could be any time after September 21st to December 21st, or thereabouts. However, with two big titles planned, GTA V and COD Advanced Warfare in November, one would presume that Sony would make certain the update was ready to be rolled out before these huge titles are released.

Sony has had its keynote during Gamescom 2014 and shared some details of what we can expect from the next PlayStation firmware update, and one feature that was its main focus was Share Play.

When the PS4 was first released gamers were pleased with the improved social aspect of the console over its predecessor, and so it stands to reason that Sony would wish to take things a step further.

What is Share Play? This new feature allows PS Plus gamers to invite friends to play with them, but what makes this feature all the more special is that those who have been invited do not need to own the game, or even download it.

There is still a long way to go until we see the PS4 2.0 update notes, but Sony has said that there is much more to come from the next update, such as improved YouTube support. You can read details of this, as well as Share Play in Sony’s blog post.



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