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iPad Air 2 with Kindle-like usability in sunlight

Ever since the iPad was first released users have struggled to use them when in direct sunlight, and even though later models offered some relief from glare thanks to improved display technology, the tablet still came under fire from Amazon.

You must remember the Amazon commercial where a guy was sitting by a pool in the sun trying to use his iPad, and a woman next to him was having no trouble because she had a Kindle. There is no denying that when it comes to using such devices in the sunlight, the Kindle is king compared to the iPad.

However, Apple could be about to make it easier to use the new iPad 2 in sunlight thanks to an anti-reflective coating. This could see the iPad used more for reading while outside, although it will still struggle to compete with the Kindle, which seems to be the device of choice to read books while sitting by a pool, something that I myself use.

Other features coming to the 2014 iPad Air update includes a new processor, although it may still only be of a dual-core variety, Touch ID and an improved camera. The new iPad is not getting a major refresh, but rather a minor one, and for that reason which of these upcoming features are most important to you? On a personal note, having an iPad with Kindle-like usability in sunlight would be the most important factor to me, as this means I would be able to use it on vacation while relaxing by the pool.

According to Bloomberg the new iPad has already gone into production, and so we assume this applies to the mini and the Air, although no news on whether a larger model will follow.



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