Innova vs. Mobilio vs. Ertiga for clear winner

The MPV market in India is growing at an alarming rate and so the likes of Honda felt compelled to get in on the action, and what an entrance they have made. The Honda Mobilio won’t have it easy though, not if the Toyota Innova and Maruti Ertiga have anything to say about it.

What better way to see how the Innova vs. Mobilio vs. Ertiga stacks up against each other than an article looking at how the three MPVs compare. The Honda had a long list of requirements in order to offer competition to the other two, and on the face of it, it does seem to do a good job at holding its own.

Honda needed to be clever because they knew the Innova is comfortable to drive and is also very spacious, whereas the Ertiga is priced very well in India considering the impressive ride it gives, and so the Mobilio had to be placed somewhere in the middle of both, although compromises had to be made.

Looking at the article it is clear to see that the Toyota Innova is still the MPV to beat, which will not go down well with Honda. However, this is based on just one review and there are plenty out there, such as the video we have embedded for you below.

There is one saving grace for Honda though, the Mobilio does offer the best for fuel-economy and features, which are two very important features in an MPV. It will be interesting to see how the Datsun Go+ MPV gets on once released in India later this year.



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