eBay is down today with many reports

- Aug 12, 2014

It looks like eBay is down today after we just received a couple of reports, although further confirmation came from tweets arriving almost every second and popular forums also getting thousands of reports from users.

One Facebook page has a comment almost every 3 seconds reporting eBay is down in certain UK towns, so it’s not clear if this is a global outage or just focused on the UK.

Users can’t log on from Safari or iPhone and Android apps, although as we mentioned above it looks like eBay is not working for the majority of the UK rather than USA. We will update Product Reviews readers as we got more information in the coming hour.

Two of the reports we received stated, “eBay is down in Shrewsbury, Shropshire”. And another added, “I keep getting a webpage saying not available, although I can get into my messages without the ability to answer anyone”.

Are you having problems with the eBay sign in page on apps or via the official website? If eBay is down today for you, what location are you in?

Update: It looks like users in many UK towns are reporting problems with eBay not working. These include the likes of Derby, Sutton, and more with Devon and Cornwall top of the list for areas. Another Facebook user said, “there’s no connection to any eBay in Europe”.

Update 2: There’s been a number of statements officially released in the last hour, which all state the company is “investigating and will update” people when they know more.

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  • Long Time U. S. Seller

    Forget the ‘hola unblock’ app as suggested. Doesn’t work.
    EBay is out WORLDWIDE and so is PayPal in regions. OTFLMAO.

  • kathy

    been down all morning in phoenix area as of 6am. that’s over 6 hours that i know of

  • Ruffian

    As of 11:47 a.m. it’s down in Phoenix, AZ. Been down all morning.

  • Sami

    ebay is down in NY / NJ area as off 11:00am on 8/12/2014


    Annoyed – selling things at way under true value – had some bargains lined up – VERY ANGRY !!!

  • true3

    GUYS! if you’re using google chrome, get the ‘hola unblock’ application and download it, change it to the location of the US and it works fine.

  • abbs

    Not working in Manchester

  • purplemoon

    eBay in US is down, too.

  • Michelle N Daisy Cantillon

    hampshire uk, no ebay for 3hrs now (maybe longer) tried different internet browsers, a friend in coventry can access it…

  • true3

    I am in kent and ebay is not working. This is so fustrating.

  • v74

    ebay not working in Hastings, cant get my customer address to post the items, I think I will get in trouble and not them…

  • amberrose

    I am in London and cant connect to ebay via desktop

  • Lilia llama

    I doubt ebay will even contact us with support !!! They don’t care either wise they would have contacted us via email.

  • Lilia llama

    I’m in somerset and I can’t log in to my ebay ;-( plus I’m selling my items too…. Grrrrrrrr any idea when it will be fixed?

  • priceless1969

    eBay not working in Woking by fixed line or 3g!!

  • mintlookingshop

    West London is down, nice to know you can rely on a global company like this…

  • Tom Baldwin

    eBay France is down too…

  • Cara

    I have friends in the USA, France and Italy who are all having the same issue. A handful of people are able to access it, but it seems to be a worldwide issue. I had lots of bids on a couple of items, then nothing. I have no doubt I’ve lost money, but I doubt ebay will reimburse it, I bet they still take their fees though. No statement telling people what’s going on either, which would at least make people feel less like ebay execs couldn’t give a f**k about the sites users! Bad form, bad service, just bad all round!

  • Noddyfromtoytown Bigears

    ebay working in Belvedere kent da17 area through firefox,,internet explorer is down..

    • Cara

      Just downloaded Firefox and it didn’t work. I operate Safari and they doesn’t work either 🙁

  • mary

    Down in Tyne wear. This needs sorting as we pay enough and are we getting a refund?

  • Rene

    down in Stoke on Trent

  • Frances Knight

    in Manchester where i live there is no service from eBay and traveled to Cheshire to work and still can not get on to eBay lots to post and no way of getting address as Paypal down as well tried different browsers nothing works

    • Hellen

      Down in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, why are EBay not responding even to the media, it seems suspicious to me, countless customers and businesses are suffering losses, which I’m sure will not be compensated for, hope it sorts out soon Hellen

  • rmint

    Ebay is down in London, UK. Can’t dispatch all my sales!!!!

  • Poloniumsoup

    No Ebay in Cheltenham..Is it a DDOS attack?