BT and Sky down status for some users today

With eBay being down today across Europe this led us to have a look at just why this is, and the simple answer is, we still do not know. However, we do find it strange that some people have said the reason is an ISP issue, and that BT was the main cause. However, this is flawed because people with Virgin have also been having issues getting onto eBay.

While we wait for an official answer this did make us look at the service statues for BT and Sky, and both are experiencing issues, with some related to the recent bad weather, which some people in the midlands and up north are still experiencing.

The BT down status for today seems to be affecting several parts of the UK, and from what we can see there are four issues in total.

There are ongoing issues for Loss of Broadband and Telephone service, Weather issues across parts of the UK, BT Telephony problems in the Sittingbourne and Sheffield areas. You might wish to put your telephone number in the BT service status checker to see if there are any issue in your area.

Sky status

Sky TV is down today for some users because of weather, with some people in Canterbury losing Sky TV service because of strong winds, which is knocking the signal out. Thankfully, there are no Sky Broadband issues today, and as for the other issue, the only thing you can do is wait for the winds to ease off.

Have you been experiencing any issues with BT or Sky today?



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