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Yahoo Mail problems resolved in 4.5.1 today

If you have been running into Yahoo Mail problems when using the Android app, then you will happy to hear about an update that only released today and brings fixes within version 4.5.1. While the official Google play page states the version will vary by Android phone and tablet, the What’s New section reveals the latest release notes and August 11 update date.

Yahoo explain their Mail app now has performance improvements, bug fixes, and a totally new search experience. The improved user interface will allow users to apply certain filters when searching for people by name, and these include filtering the results by files, photos, or emails.


The Yahoo Mail app has had its fair share of problems with a password not working, sending your email message and attachments, remembering theme settings, not loading images in email, Yahoo Mail sign in related issues, and more.


Version 4.5.1 will certainly fix some of these issues, but the release notes don’t list exactly what the update has fixed and those issues that might still remain.

If you use Yahoo Mail, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the Android app update today and of course hear about anything not working since installing? We also hear that the security aspects of the application will be enhanced soon as well, and this will be due to plans for PGP encryption.



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