Madden 15 frenzy for demo release date

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 11, 2014

This week should be featuring a Madden 15 demo release date for PlayStation and Xbox owners, although without official confirmation fans are left wondering and the speculation is at a new high. Twitter users are in a frenzy over what exactly should be happening with Tuesday’s PS Store expected to bring a Madden 15 demo, although there’s no sign of it within the August 12 PS4 and PS3 update.

Fans are contacting the official EA Madden NFL Twitter channel directly asking for the demo, or at least when it might arrive before the full game. The fact is, it’s very unlikely and this is due to a lack of confirmation at this stage and with all official tweets focusing on a countdown to the full game.

You can see a few examples of messages from fans below, but this is a small taste from thousands of messages with gamers wondering will there be a Madden 15 demo? Looking for proof from the PlayStation store can only bring a negative result after it wasn’t signaled in the latest update.

The latest messages being left today, on the week a demo would have been expected, seem to be fans reaching the outcome they didn’t want. You can see one Twitter user below asking for confirmation that there isn’t a Madden 15 demo coming, although this fact is still up for debate until an official comment arrives.

Do you think we only have the full game to look forward to, or are you still hoping to see a Madden 15 demo release on your platform?

Update: There’s no demo this year, although Xbox One owners will get full access for 5 days if they subscribe to EA Access.

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  • BossOmega31

    An just when i thought madden 15 has step there game up..There game just went down like a dumb A** i pre order the game.. no demo, so now i’m going to get my money back 64 dollars and i can’t get a demo… this ish is crazy… and i don’t think it’sgoing to be any diffrent from any other madden. EA sell dreams better than game product… yeah i hope 2k does come out with a football game….

  • William

    @ea on twitter has said no madden15 demo this year via twitter!

  • Chuck Scott

    The problem starts with EA not having any form of competition. Buyers can’t go elsewhere therefore EA doesn’t give a crap what the customers REALLY desire.

    • Wil

      It seems they’re going to attempt to goad us into buying the full game with no way of evaluating it to know if we like it. Straight bullying the consumer….


    Madden we need Demo or atleast confirmation

  • maddenman

    Dont screw with the customer ea get with it.