Madden 15 demo skips PS4 for XB1 Access

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 11, 2014

Madden 15 demo news was expected today, but sadly the information we got reveals a type of demonstration for Xbox One through EA Access now it’s out of beta. Things didn’t look good for an Madden 15 demo on PS4 right after the PS Store update news arrived, and we couldn’t see the NFL title anywhere on the Tuesday update list.

There had been hopes of seeing a release date this week with Gamescom taking place and Microsoft’s Xbox press conference tomorrow. We now know that Xbox One owners will be able to demo Madden 15 slightly early, around 5 days before the release date, and this is only if you pay for EA Access at $4.99 a month.

You can see the tweet from EA’s official account in regard to no traditional Madden 15 demo in 2014. While they state there’s “no demo”, they will be offering up early access to the full game for EA Access paid subscribers. This will give these people access to the full game to give it a try, and of course see if they want to purchase it.

It makes sense that the majority will be unhappy by this move, although those of you that subscribe to EA Access will most likely prefer this new way of doing things. If you consider a demo only had some of the features, but these subscribers will get access to all the games features for 5 days before the release date and can even then decide to give it a miss.

You can sign up to EA Access today on Xbox One though the Game Store. We also hear that NHL 15 will be playable 5 days early through EA Access as well, so this is certainly shaping up to being something a few of you might want to invest in if you like to play early. You can learn more about the service in the video below.

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  • Boycott Homeland

    It’s 30 bucks for a year if u get one game free it’s worth it. It’s completely fair. They need to make money that’s how business works I’m sorry but you’re in the minority because they wouldn’t have flown through beta and continue to expand in game purchases. They work.

  • Josh101

    “so this is certainly shaping up to being something a few of you might want to invest in if you like to play early. ”
    Please don’t help them peddle this non-sense. Demo’s are always free. So they are now going to lock demo’s behind a paywall? That is extremely arrogant. This is a blatant money-grab and should be looked down upon. Demo’s use-to come in games for free. Example Resident Evil 3 had a demo of Dino Crisis on a DISC, that came for free. Now you are making it seem like something people may want to think about paying for? EA games or any game for that matter, is not worth paying to have early access to their games. Battlefield 4 has been out nearly a year and there are still fixes that need to be made. Do not act like this is perfectly fine.