GTA V update with non online mission DLC

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 11, 2014

The Grand Theft Auto 1.16 update expected on August 12 will again signal what Rockstar’s plan is for Heists and if it doesn’t release in August, then this might prove what some gamers have been predicting for PS4, PC, and Xbox One exclusivity. The GTA V 1.16 update has had plenty of comments in past articles, although it seems like non online mission DLC is what a lot of Product Reviews readers are asking for.

It’s true plenty of GTA V fans have been enjoying most of the updates, but things can get a little repetitive and we hope Rockstar realize this with the content expected tomorrow.

In relation to GTA V update 1.16 bringing something fresh and non online mission DLC, this is what a few of our readers had to say “GTA Online has really started plummeting and they need to release some non online mission content if I’m to stay much longer”. Another added, “I’ve done almost every mission possible and now the game is getting extremely frustrating, we need the next GTA 5 update to deliver something truly new”.

Would you prefer to see some non mission DLC when the next GTA V online update arrives? Also, have you given up on Heists and do you expect the GTA V 1.16 update to finally release tomorrow?

If previous release times are anything to go by, then you would likely see the patch at about 10-11am UK and 2-3am PST. This of course depends on any new content coming and fixes for online glitches, although the release time has been the same for practically every update within the space of an hour.

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  • Morgan

    I think I’ve figured it out…! If you look at Domislive latest youtube video where he talks about bans, he says ‘all these bans are up until 26 August’ I found out that 26 of August is a Tuesday, Rock* always release on a Tuesday so the new dlc will be released in two weeks!
    This is because they have been delayed by the money lobbies going around lately and need more time to fix these and prosecute the players that are cheating. So they will be banned from doing anymore lobbies until the next patch which hopefully will be in two weeks!
    That’s just my thoughts, I doubt it’s true but you know…

    • I’m pissed

      Unbanning someone the day of a dlc seems like a reward to me. I doubt that’s what they will do but who knows? That date may mean something.

      • Morgan

        True, but at least money lobbies will hopefully be patched by then so they can’t cheat the game anymore. Or until they find a new glitch, Rock* should ban them permanently every time!

  • elliotbeler

    when the updates come out i hope north yankton dlc

  • Joe

    Dear, rockstar. I have been a GTA player since GTA III. I have played GTA V every single day, Monday thru Friday from 7am to 11 pm every single day. Yes this has caused medical issues and stuff, but I like this game. It helps me vent my frustration, feel less depressed, and since I have no friends keeps me company. You should put in some new emergency vehicles, fix the siren issue, get new tow trucks that actually work, and let us drive the train.

    • mikey

      dear joe
      this is not rockstar thank you bye

  • xOx Dosed xOx

    I’m Beginning to hate rockstar right now >:C

    • Tobu

      Don’t worry the update is supposed to be set this evening, I made a mistake with earlier this morning, my apologies. Sometimes Rockstar pisses me off as well

      • xOx Dosed xOx

        i hope your right because im so pissed im on ps3 right now and i never go on my ps3 :/

      • RM

        How do you know?

      • jimmy

        when you ment this evening you ment yesterday or today, because is 13 of august and still no update

  • TW

    I popped GTA V in this morning, having seen on the R* site that the update was coming out today. Fire it up at 1:40 EST and nothing. This is the reason people are abandoning the game a la mass exodus. Rockstar promised Heists from the get go, a year later still nothing. Rooftop Rumble used to be a good grinding mission, now none of the missions are worth doing because they shrank the payouts to promote shark cards. Alot of people are worried that the DLC may not even come out for current gen, rather as exclusives to next gen…which would be market suicide given the PS4 and XB1’s lack of popularity ATM. All I have to say is next week better be the day…otherwise Im done. Online is so broken it isnt funny, or fun for that matter anymore. Nothing to do, and SP needs DLC hardcore. In the worst way.

  • Don

    This definitely means that next tuesday, Something big is coming.

  • Raven

    well now it proves that guy ant from rockstar

  • spliffman

    Ther is no update today if ther was it would b out by nw

  • Nathan Reece Jackson

    13:57 here still nothing and already hearing rumours that it’s been moved to next week gonna give it till 17:00 if it’s not out by then it ain’t coming till whenever

  • Wesley

    Tbh rockstar never said again so your all guessing there might not be a doc this mouth or today you just have to wait

  • spliffman

    Still no update

    • Jordan

      It can come anywhere from 13.00 to 13.59

  • ipoddude4ever

    Soooo… Wil the update come put today or will it come out next week??

  • darick

    Do i still cant tell is the update comeing i mean i want it to we all do but i wouls like some info

  • Jordan

    The guy from rockstar has deleted all of his comments

    • dom

      Yeah I just noticed that

      • Jordan

        So maybe he was telling the truth. And remember, the update can come out anywhere from 13.00 to 13.59

  • Me

    5:45 where i live and the ipdate still hasnt came out yet i mean like what the heck Rock*

  • Franc0_95

    Tbh Rockstar are thinking about the business side of things, they are prioritising over the next gen copy and i think thats what is delaying the heists. They should have had them completed by the time they promised, if it’s to do with hardware capabilities on the 360 and PS3 fair enough! But they should add more interactive content, maybe more shops and we should be able to walk in buildings not just our apartments, its getting repetitive doing the same jobs. Online has kind of disappointed but there is no other RPG as good as GTA tbf!

  • Nathan Reece Jackson

    Rockstar can kinda blame themselves for the reason why players cheat they keep changing how most missions go for example Rooftop rumble used to be a fairly easy mission which In at the end u gain 18k and could finish in under at least 5 mins depending on number of players now u even if the money stayed the same they literally made it a pain on the ass mission where the enemies can pretty finish you in about 3-4 shots and u have go back to a session to redo again after completion they should have known something would have stirred the players

  • David Thomas

    Don’t know what the problem is. GTA online is still awesome. We’d of had more dlc already if it wasn’t for all the people trying to cheat the game. Just like in real life the people who won’t play fair are the same people moaning on about how we have to wait for dlc.

    • JoblessGentleman

      Rockstar isn’t playing fair either. They said “Free DLC”, released it with very high in-game prices, and then made all the mission payouts insignificant in an effort to push players to buy shark cards. How is that fair?

      • David Thomas

        Play the game properly and grind missions for money. I’m now ranked 204. Earned all my money through fair play and I’ve got 1.5 million sat in my bank ready to buy a new plane when the next dlc drops. I know what your saying dude but the pros definately out weigh the cons where gta online is concerned. Chec out my tattoo on face book page ‘ Trevor Philips ‘ to see how much I love the game bro !

  • Wesley

    So now

    • Bryce R*

      The updat will arrive in uk around 1 pm

  • Wesley

    What times it out in uk

    • Tobu

      11 05

    • Matty

      The guy who works for rockstar said 1pm. (I live in scotland)

      • Nathan Reece Jackson

        Depends if that guy from rockstar is telling the truth

  • Jordan

    Look , if the update doesn’t come out today, then the next update will almost certainly be the heists update next!

    • Jordan

      Dat grammar doe. Well done me!

      • Mr turkey


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          Rise up turkey’s we shall fight the tyranny that is ovens and seasonings

      • Navi

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        R* are awesome

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  • ivan munoz

    If it comes out it should be out u. The next hour if not than till next time

  • Luke Turley-West

    *Yawn* I left GTA Online 2 weeks ago and I still have no reason to go back, I will sell my copy of GTA V is nothing is released within the next 2 days…

    • Aaron

      So why are you searching the GTA V 1.16 Update on Google then, surely if you left GTA V Online you couldn’t care less if it got updated or not…

      • Luke Turley-West

        If you read what I was saying, I was checking if anything would be released within the next 2 days.

    • Hungry man

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      • Homeless guy

        Yeah some turkey sounds real good hey Luke was your mom a chicken

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      • Turk

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    • Mr Spock

      It’s only logical this turkey should be brought a bored

  • Mofo

    Prove you work for rockstar then

    • Tobu

      We’ll just wait until around 8 or 9 and see that I’m right

  • Tobu

    I hope you all enjoy the new content

  • Tobu

    I work for rockatar games and we are planning for it to be august 12 check the newswire for further updates

    • Ilolaturmom

      You work for rockstar yet you can’t even spell the name right..

      • Tobu

        Have you ever tried typing while drinking get over it typos happen

        • Ilolaturmom

          Look bud i just dont need anymore phonies making the anticipation work, I’m already mad that R* didnt update gta last week.

        • Tobu

          We’ll we did put it on the marketplace last week and this week we are releasing it

        • Spazegamer

          Seriously? Ok, what’s in 1.16 then?

        • Tobu

          It’s 2 new guns and a few new vehicles clothes we like to call it the military update

        • Dom

          Why isn’t there anything in the newswire?

        • Tobu

          Because it hasn’t been updated yet sir

        • dom

          And what time is it due in UK GMT time?

        • Tobu

          Uk time it should be there 1 pm and we here at R* are very sorry about not putting it out sooner there were technical problems

        • Jordan

          Right, Tobu, i believe you. But what are the new guns? What are the new vehicles?

        • Jordan

          And don’t say you can’t tell us due to confidentiality. Just tell us.

        • Tobu

          We have a scar h and Lmg a new attack helicopter and a hydra jet also the annihilator is going to be on singleplayer

        • Jordan

          What are the new clothes?

        • Tobu

          Sir the new clothes are a Air Force uniform which I think looks very nice and a new heavy combat armor

        • Bryce

          Hello Tobu you didn’t tell anyone about the other update right

        • Tobu

          No sir I didn’t mention it

        • Jordan

          Dom, I’m sure your much older than me! I’m 23, so you don’t have to call me sir! And final question, can you promise that you aren’t lying? 100% certain that there is a real update today?

        • Tobu

          Yes we are certain we put it off last week because people have figured out our pattern so I do apologize for the inconvenience this has put people through but I do hope you enjoy the new content and thank you for sticking with us and supporting R*

        • Jordan

          Right then!! Thank you very much for your help! And have a nice day! (And if your lying, then I’m coming back for your head,Dom)

        • Tobu

          Thank you as we’ll

        • Tobu

          Why do you call me dom

        • Jordan

          Because my ipad is Fuc*ing up what your names are, I’m an idiot, and I forgot that Tobu and Dom are there!

        • dom

          Good, I don’t want to loose my head 😉

        • Jordan

          I’m sure it’s a very brainy head! Anyway, enjoy your day guys!

        • dom

          I will if the update comes out 😉

        • Jordan

          Pardon? I’m confused whose who!

        • Tobu

          Hey guys did you see the strange chat going on near the top check it out its weird I mean who shouts about turkey lol

        • Boogie2988

          Why are men shouting about turkey

        • Tobu

          Hello boogie you here about gta

        • Turkey man


        • Tobu

          For gods sake who are you

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        • Tobu

          I hope you enjoy it sir

        • Tobu

          Thank you I hope you enjoy your day as we’ll

        • dom

          Wait why me?

        • Jordan

          I’m going to laugh my face off if your wrong!!

  • Tobu

    It’s going to be here by 8 am

  • killermechaniac45

    where is it

  • Guy

    They need more freaking clothes, body type options, and the ability to change whenever… Saints row have them beat like crazy when it comes to character customization, and its upsetting.

  • a

    Let us decorate our interior homes /apartment s. Along with quality tattoos & the ability to “stamp” them on. As many tatts as I like. Instead of one tatt. In one place. -_- So Lame!

  • Gumby65

    When they release story mode content, you can probably count on that being the first paid DLC (if it is going to be anything of substance, anyway).

  • garthshark

    Honestly I wish Rockstar would make the car customization more in depth,like they did in Midnight Club LA.

    • Ghost240

      Speaking of car customization, Ubisoft have took it to the next level in this game that’s about to come out called The Crew

  • Wesley

    Have we actually got got a release date for gta

  • YouTube

    I would love to see this GTAV 1.16 update come out Tommorow no without Jobs. But new vehicles,Clothes,new add- ons to Los santos. 🙂 August 12th please.

  • Toastyfinger Joe

    I’m betting that heists is are going to come out along with the Xbox One, PS4, and PC game launch, on November 14. My bet is that 8/12 is going to be Casinos, 9/8 or 9/15, could be anyone’s guess, 10/6 or 10/13 I’m betting on zombies (Seems on par with Halloween being around the corner.), and I’m betting heists will finally drop on 11/3 or 11/10, just before the next-gen/PC release.

  • josh

    The last time i was on gta online is around the time when the independance update came out and that got me playing for a hour or two before I got bored I haven’t touched gta v since.

  • Chino Long

    Why didn’t they add poker to online play?

  • Guest

    I think the next update should be christened for the players and called “Patience DLC”

    • Ghost240

      lol, good one

  • TheGamingWolf

    I havent been on GTA V since July 20th I’ve done every mission every race everything there’s nothing to do anymore

  • Guest

    The heists is probably going to be a disappointment too.

    • Guest

      I don’t want to say it, but I have to say I agree on you. I just hope its a bad ass DLC, but lately they’re not improving much. All the DLCs are basically the same: new cars, guns, clothes, masks, missions, and etc.

      • Guest

        I agree, everything is the same from all the other R* DLCs in GTA V. There is nothing amusing with them unless they were just extras that would be a nice bonus to the main DLC that they create. Such as a new added map, it doesn’t have to be big or small, it has to be enough that we can get amused for some time. Or adding Zombies, or Aliens as another main DLC. Just something that R* can surprise us. Because lately I’m getting bored with their DLCs.

        • Guest

          Yeah, one of them should be a new map or island in both Online and single that would be awesome.

  • Noob

    they already said they are postponing “Heists”, dumbass.

    • Guest

      Nobody likes your tone buddy.

  • Anthony

    Just give us balaclavas online and I will be happy.

  • Corey

    “In relation to GTA V update 1.16 bringing something fresh and non online mission DLC, this is what a few of our readers had to say…”

    Please learn sentence construction, as this was nearly unreadable. Non-online? Really? Its called SINGLE PLAYER. Or story mode.

    • sad

      Some people will never understand how to write

  • Vahit

    It would be Cool To Play Surival mode with Zombies !
    I Want new Cars And Much new Content !
    GTA Online Is Boring if You did Anything and Have Anything like me !

    • Spazegamer

      We can all dream, cant we?

  • Probiz

    For some of those that are bored with GTA online, you have to take into account whether they are playing with friends in a party or playing solo. It makes a big difference on experiencing online to its potential. I play in a party chat with my buddies, never get bored at all.

    • Michael Nielson

      I just play the jobs and have a blast. Most of the people who are complaining of being bored are people that only have fun buying new games anyway.

  • Bran

    I’ve had enough of the mission DLC and don’t want Heists, please Rockstar something different with GTA 5 1.16.

    • Michael Nielson


    • Joe

      dude so many people have been waiting all year for heists because they want a game buster. If they release heists, nobody has to worry about money anymore. Some fresh new tattoos, clothes, and maybe cars+bikes and I’m good to go otherwise

    • Matt

      What mission DLC, there hasn’t been any mission DLC for you to have enough of lol. and screw off heists are the most anticipated part of GTA and if they don’t end up coming out a lot of people will be done playing.