Next PS4 firmware update 1.8 this week?

- Aug 10, 2014

The next PS4 firmware update will likely be version 1.8 and we wanted to remind our gamer readers about a rumor pointing to a release date around Gamescom, especially considering the event in Cologne takes place over the next week. The PS4 1.8 update will bring some major changes and will be what the majority want rather than another minor version.

We touched on the possibility of v1.75 being the last firmware until the PS4 1.80 update arrived and our article towards the end of July revealed how welcoming the majority of you were to this outcome. The desires for new features did vary a lot, although one of the most popular requests seems to be external hard drive support.

Gamecom 2014 has a start date for press on August 13, and everyone else can get involved from August 14-17. Last year, Gamecom saw well over 300,000 visitors and this was helped by the introduction of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

During the event this year you’ll be able to discover new worlds and see what the future holds for gaming on a new generation.

The details we received from a credible source pointed to the next PS4 1.8 firmware update releasing in August, although it seems natural for Sony to target such a big update around one of 2014’s biggest European gaming events. If this happens sooner rather than later this month, then there’s every chance we have a matter of days considering the event kicks off on Wednesday.

Will external hard drive support be your most wanted change with PS4 firmware update 1.8, or is there something more important to you? Whatever happens, we are days away from the next major update and not weeks. This firmware will obviously be bringing a long list of changes as well, so we’ll be sure to share the full release notes when they arrive.

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  • Alejandro Gonzalez

    Also, an HBO Go app. I can’t for the life of me understand why it’s taken them so long to create one.

  • Alejandro Gonzalez

    I don’t just want DLNA support, I want the ability to play local files off a flash drive. I’ve never been a huge fan of media servers. I use my PS3 just as much as my 4 just for the ability to watch shows/movies off USB.

  • Ta’i Ngatokorua

    I don’t even care about MP3 or DNLA support any more. I want folders and dashboard customization more since I have like 40+ games that I have to spend a while going through to get to the one I want. Other than that, I don’t see the big deal in Sony not updating as much. As far as I know, the PS4 was fine as is and didn’t really need any updates in my opinion. I just like to throw a game on and play. If I need to listen to music, there’s music unlimited which costs next to nothing anyways or I can just play music off my PC.

    • hollow dante

      Plug in a mic and say PlayStation.After the menu pops up say the name of the game you want to play and bam your there.

      • Ta’i Ngatokorua

        I know all about this. It was cool at first, but I just feel like an idiot when the household can hear me shouting at my ps4. I just personally dislike voice commands.

        • Hollow dante

          I understand that good sir

  • TomDobo

    I’m disappointed in the PS4 updates so far. Xbox One update have been far superior. Luckily enough I own both.

  • gman279

    Huh sound like another empty update again. Shame xbox one already has perfect external hard drive avalable and continues ti get real updated.

  • Roger Joseph

    For the love of gawd stop saying mp3 support.Who cares. It’s like an out of tune drumbeat. DLNA support makes more sense since most of us have movies we would like to stream. PS Vita management/backup make sense too. Similar to what psp had on PS3. On PS3 you can download vita games and have the vita transfer them off. Pause/resume of games. Removal of the prompts every time you switch apps. More multitasking. On the Xbox one running twitch at the same time as playing your game is sweet. Skype video call while you play is nice. All these things are way more important than mp3 support.

    • Tyler Beale

      You do realize that MP3/music support is required for DLNA to work, right?
      And have you forgotten about how devs can incorporate your music library into their games?

      • Roger Joseph

        Late reply sorry, but you forced me to have to go back to Wikipedia to understand what you meant. DLNA support has nothing to DO with MP3. It’s the same relation ship that a spare tire has to driving a car on the highway. DLNA is a standard for zero configuration and media notification and broadcasting of services. That is astandard where devices notify other devices of their capabilities including video play back picture streaming and music listening. Most people use DLNA for movie streaming not for music. So my point still stands, stop pining for music streaming ! there are alot more “fun” features that are more important. As a side note we still cannot have 3rd party music in or games yet since Microsoft sill has the license for the “personal” music in games. I use to do it alot on 360 never was able to do on PS3 and PS4 still cannot do it because of licensing.

  • Kfir Borba

    We want real changes! DLNA & MP3!!! we can wait for convenience such as folders, notifications and even external HD is something we can manage without till next update…

    • Aaron

      DLNA & MP3 support has already been spoken about with Mr Yoshida in a interview and isn’t coming till early 2015. External HDD support is needed ASAP i have 12 PS4 games and my 500gb HDD is full and Destiny is only a matter of a few weeks away.

      • Jassi Sikand

        Then replace it with an internal drive which has been supported since Day 1

        • Roger Joseph

          I bought my 1TB SSHD the day before i bought my release day PS4. Never looked back Sooo fast.

  • jeremiah

    What about dashboard customization? Notifications for when your friends are online and the option to switch the notifications back on the right side of the screen? It gets in the way of the hud on almost all of the games