iPod Touch 6G important WiFi phone upgrade

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 10, 2014

There’s still a lot of positivity around an iPod Touch 6th generation seeing a release date at some point this year and for some people their iPod makes a perfect Wi-Fi phone. This fact was highlighted by current owners once again when we wrote about iWatch possibly stopping an iPod touch 6G seeing a launch in 2014, and some Product Reviews readers even stated they’d never use Apple products again if this product line got discontinued.

While we don’t believe Apple would discontinue the iPod touch anytime soon, there’s every chance they won’t release a 6th generation thanks to the iWatch replacing the media player in Apple’s fall product lineup.

The support for Apple’s iPod comes after years of success and some fans won’t want to see any changes for a while other than a specs upgrade.

Some of our readers take their iPod touch everywhere they go and don’t have any problems finding a Wi-Fi network to make free calls at, although there’s plenty of room for improvement with a bigger display at 5+ inches, an updated chip, more storage, fingerprint sensor, and more. Apple’s iOS 7 helped enhance the current model and when you can use iOS 8 next month with your iPod touch it will bring even more features, but there is those that would like to purchase a hardware upgrade along with the new iOS 8 software.


One of our readers had this to say, “I personally use my iPod Touch as a phone thanks to the majority of places having free WiFI. I can call or text pretty much whenever I want for free, and of course without paying around $1200 a year for a phone contract”.

Are you really hoping to see the iPod touch 6th generation release within the next couple of months? Do you use the current model as a Wi-Fi phone and if so, what would be your perfect redesign?

The older tweet above raises another important point about children. While most teens have phones these days, there’s younger children that need something before a phone and in many cases this could be an iPod touch that does almost everything an iPhone can do without the contract. This is another reason to make sure an iPod touch 6G releases at some point and maybe even a cheaper version as well, like Apple did with two iPhone models last year.

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  • Mel

    I hope Apple won’t discontinue them. Why would I pay $200 more for an iPhone while I won’t use its calling function ? The iTouch is perfect, it is more than a simple media player such as the iPod Nano, perfect for whoever doesn’t want to invest in a monthly contract. I would just need 32gb, the perfect size would be a little bit less than 5″ (iTouch 5 looks great to me), along with a touchprint scanner and an A7 processor. It is the only Apple product in my house, and I think that it would be a big mistake to completely replace with the iWatch. My 4th gen is being outdated and his little 8gb of storage are full. I hope to see a 6th generation iPod Touch at the October event, alongside new iPad, iWatch, Mac’s, etc.

  • Ty

    Ipod air? Replacing iPod nano and renewing the iPod touch line

  • larnelle

    I think the perfect size for the next iPod Gen, whatever its going to be called, if it will even be released, will be an 4.7″ screen, camera 8mp isight camera with true tone flash the same as in the iPhone 5s, with a fingerprint scanner. An A7 chip would be perfect, preloaded with ios 8. It should be announced the same time as they are going to announce the iPhone 6, areound September 9th.

  • Andy

    i-pod touch could get re-branded as i-pad nano with 5.5 inch screen!

  • andrew

    I hope the I watch does not replace the iPod

  • Dan Rickard

    I just need 128gb of storage to get my whole music collection on it and replace my old iPod classic, 120gb. I’ve been waiting for a touch with that much storage for years

  • Pete

    iPod touch with gps , please.

  • Rick Halas

    Give me a 5 inch (plus) ipod touch, with good camera and updated software or give me death!

  • Ronel

    If apple lowering down the iPod touch 5 on their website doesn’t mean there will be an iPod touch 6. I don’t know what will

  • Andrea Lincoln

    Give me a break, I just saw a artical stating that Apple themselves had confirmed that the iPod Touch 6 would be released either next month, or the month after. And you guys are still trying to play the yo yo game of maybe and maybe not? just knock it off already.

    • andy

      I honestly can’t afford an Iphone!
      If apple stops making the Ipod touch, i will get pissed. Ipod touch is such a great gift for kids as a gift, personally for me, Ipod touch just runs like an Iphone but without sim card or any data network connectivity.

      • Andrea Lincoln

        I hear you, ever since the iPod Touch came onto the scene I’ve been a devout user, the iPhone was far too rich for my blood and the Touch is the best of both worlds. Hopefully Apple recognizes the onslaught of ticked off customers they would bring on if they did such a thing.

        • andy

          Indeed right!.

    • Lester Burnham

      I saw that article too. I have to say I doubt the authenticity of a website that claims that Apple confirmed the report of a new ipod touch 6G. Apple doesn’t officially confirm the pre-release of any of their new products hence nobody would buy their existing product line and just wait for the new product arrivals. You usually officially find out about the release of the Apple product on the day of the Apple Event when Tim Cook is up on stage holding the product. I hope it is true though because I would like to purchase a new Ipod Touch 6G if they release one.

      • Andrea Lincoln

        Hmm.. yes’ that’s very true though, it’s really easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of speculation and rumors, out of eagerness, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens at the event.

        • Lester Burnham

          There are usually two events held. A September event for just the Iphone and then an October event for Ipad, MacBooks, Iwatch, Ipod, etc. So don’t get discouraged if it’s not mentioned at the September event.

        • Kieran.Lillis

          Although the iPod Touch 5th Gen was announced alongside the iPhone 5 in Sept 2012, so there is a chance it coud be announced along withe the iPhone 6.